Friday, October 25, 2013

365 Inspirations—298: Yoga on the Rocks

Yoga on the Rocks is my inspiration today!

This morning we hiked around Bell Rock, did some yoga and took pictures there.

In the afternoon, we scrambled up Cathedral Rock. These places are well known vortex spots and then energy is really strong, especially at Cathedral Rock. You can feel it throughout your body and it makes you want to draw that energy inward.

It's hard to sleep here on yoga retreat because the place we are staying in is up on a hill and surrounded by all these amazing rock formations.

We are on a yoga/hiking retreat here.

This post will be short because I'm off to the hot tub under the stars and then to the campfire.

Tomorrow we head to the Grand Canyon!

More soon from the land of red rocks.

Have you ever been on a yoga retreat? Have you ever been to Arizona?

1 comment:

  1. I thought I'd stop by to see what you're up to and look at you, doing yoga surrounded by red rock and sunshine! Beautiful! I'm envious, you know. ;)
    I've awaken in the loveliness of AZ many times on my birthday, too.
    Yours is going to be extraordinary. Enjoy it all and breathe it in!