2015 Yoga and Writing Retreats

We have an amazing retreat schedule for 2015 with trips planned to The Big Island (Hawaii), Iceland, Sedona and beyond! To get updated information about our retreats, be sure to subscribe to our mailer. Here's the link to our retreats:

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Don't miss our Maui Yoga Retreat. See poster below and contact Katherine Jenkins at kathyjenkins@hotmail.com for more information!

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Setting Intentions:
An Intuitive Writing, Collaging and Yoga Retreat

January 24-26, 2014 at THE YOGA LODGE on Whidbey Island

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Join Author Katherine Jenkins (Lessons from the Monk I Married, Seal Press 2012) and former Buddhist Monk and Yoga Instructor Seong Yoon Lee for a powerful New Year retreat. Before we can create and set intentions for the New Year, we need to clear out old energy that may be blocking us from seeing what our true path holds. We will spend the first half of the retreat clearing out old energy through yoga, pranayama, meditation/deep relaxation and intuitive writing. Intuitive writing is the process of writing without editing or critiquing. The idea is to keep the hand moving across the page at one's own rhythm. Through this process, insights and kernels of wisdom buried deep within the subconscious surface. This is a powerful process. During the second half of the retreat, we will use the same methods—yoga, pranayama, meditation/deep relaxation and intuitive writing plus collaging—to create and set intentions for the New Year.

Contact Katherine Jenkins at kathyjenkins@hotmail.com for more information!

Past Retreats from 2013:

I also offer private Skype or in-person sessions about creating a blog as a platform, intuitive and prompt writing, and personal coaching on discovering your purpose and living an authentic life.

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I look forward to sharing the time with you and helping you get in tune with the person you are meant to be! That person is YOU...waiting to be discovered!

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