Monday, October 28, 2013

365 Inspirations—301: Treat Yourself

Sunrise and cacti on way to Phoenix airport
Today is my birthday. I spent the entire day flying. We got up before the crack of dawn in Sedona and everyone piled in the car half asleep and we made the two-plus hour drive to Phoenix. The sun came up on our drive to Phoenix, so my very first sunrise for this new birthday year was of hills and cacti.

We got on a flight to Salt Lake City and from there we headed to Seattle.

What a beautiful day to be flying high above Seattle! I saw the mountains, evergreens, lakes, and even fall leaves from high up in the plane.

My husband is teaching his very last class at the yoga studio. His last class happens to be on my birthday. I was a bit exhausted after our trip, so I missed it. I don't really think of it as his last class because he's just moving his space. I'll meet him later tonight.

A trip to Sedona was my birthday treat, but now I feel like going to my favorite grocery store to get some goodies.

Do you ever treat yourself to anything on your birthday (or any other time for that matter)?

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  1. Happy, Happy Birthday Katherine. Beautiful sunrise this morning!