Friday, May 10, 2013

365 Inspirations—130: You Can Do Yoga Anywhere

"Vegas is purposefully constructed as a self-enclosed and isolated biosphere, sort of what a recreational colony built on the moon might be like."—Marc Cooper

For those of you who haven't guessed yet, we are in Las Vegas. Last Christmas we came here to celebrate Yoon's 40th birthday with some friends and we were so impressed by the Cirque du Soleil shows here (we saw Beatles Love and Zumanity), that we promised each other that we'd come back for our 10th year wedding anniversary to see 'O,' which is the masterpiece of Cirque du Soleil shows!

Tickets are not cheap to see 'O' and they are rarely discounted. People who have seen this show have told me that you will never see anything like it. The level of showmanship and choreography of this show is, apparently, unbeatable.

Since my husband is a yoga teacher, he is very impressed in these shows to see what the human body can actually do. He finds it inspirational.

Of course, you don't have to flexible or in any special place to do yoga. You can just start where you are and you'd be amazed at the results in only a few days.

I was told I'd never be flexible or be able to bend or touch my toes because of scoliosis. However, yoga has helped me in so many ways and wherever I am, I try and find a way to practice it!

Today at the pool at the Stratosphere Hotel, people were sunbathing, swimming and even sky diving off the top of the Stratosphere Tower.

 It was strange to  be sitting by the pool watching humans free fall off the building every now and then. But this is Vegas and anything goes.

Do you exercise or practice yoga. Do you do it on vacation or wherever you are?

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  1. I wanted to make a parody post of my own called "You can eat cupcakes anywhere," of me eating cupcakes all over the US. Haha.

    But seriously though, each time I read your posts concerning yoga it reminds me how much I have to do it! It's beautiful (and tough) and awesome, and you guys look like you had a fun vacation!

    Best always! xoxoxo