Saturday, October 19, 2013

365 Inspirations—292: Unexpected Meetings with Friends

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"You have to take risks. We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen."—Paulo Coehlho

I had two unexpected meetings with friends today. The first one was this afternoon. Yoon went to see a lecture at East West Bookstore and I was home cleaning the house and doing odds and ends. About halfway through mopping the kitchen I thought, I need to get outside and walk, mopping can wait.

I left the mop in the middle of the floor, got in my car and drove to Greenlake.

It was gray outside, but the leaves were still brilliant on the trees despite the cloudy day. I walked and focused on my feet in my shoes, the feeling of cold fall air on my face, the smell of dry leaves and the sight of the colors of fall all around me. While walking, I ran into a friend. We both stopped in our tracks and said, "Hello!"

She was taking a study break and I was taking a mopping break and we both decided to go to Greenlake at exactly the same time. She changed her direction and walked with me a bit. We had a lovely talk and it made my walk much more worthwhile.

Later in the evening, after I had made dinner, Yoon and I were talking about walking over to Red Box to rent a movie. Right at that moment, two friends knocked on our front door with a cake in their hands.  They thought they'd stop by and just see what we were up to.

That's so rare these days, isn't it? People don't just stop by anymore, but I was happy to see them. We invited them inside and I heated up some leftover chili. Afterward, we had cake and tea and told many, many stories....

It was a lovely day of unexpected meetings with friends.

Have you ever run into someone unexpectedly and enjoyed the time spent together?

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