Wednesday, February 3, 2010

365 Lessons-Lesson 34: Nirvana is in the Mailbox

Getting the mail may seem like an everyday task for most people. Bills, bills, junk, bills, junk....oh, look! Nirvana!

 I'm a believer in me superstitious. Yes, I'm the one who saves my fortunes from the fortune cookies and pins them to my bulletin board, remember?

A few hours ago, my husband went out on this fearful rainy day to get the mail. I didn't even raise my eyes from the computer. He came back in shaking the rain off his jacket. In his hands he held a square box. I glanced up at him and said, "What's that?"

"I don't know?" he said and proceeded to rip the box opened.

He stood there staring with amusement at what was in his hands.

 I said again, "What is it?" He said, "'s nirvana."

 I was a little puzzled. For a minute I thought maybe my husband was having one of those instant enlightenment experiences that I've read about in books. You know, the monk goes out and sits on a rock and a raindrop touches his head and that's it, he's enlightened. I've read about it, so I suppose it could happen to anyone. But that's not what he was talking about.

He looked up at me smiling and then showed me what was in his hands and said again, "Look, Nirvana!"
I just started laughing. I immediately thought, "Everything you're looking for is inside your mailbox!"

There's more to this story. When we first moved into our house, we were told that a recording engineer, by the name of Jack Endino, used to live in our house. We were also told that he recorded Nirvana (the group) in our basement before they were popular. I wasn't sure I believed this story. We had been getting mail for Jack on and off. Letters from Hollywood, LA, and other parts of the US. We'd pop them back in the box and write, "wrong address."

This time, we received this rare vinyl record of Nirvana's old songs. My husband didn't want to pop this one back in the mailbox. He found it very amusing. So amusing that he ran off to a thrift store to see if he could locate an old record player! In the meantime, the postman came back. He came to the front door and said, "Did you get a square box in the mail?" I said, "Why, yes!" (I'm not good at hiding the truth) He continued, "Does that person live here?" I said, "No, but he used to and we get mail for him from time to time."

Sadly, I gave him the package and he drove off in the rain in his mail truck. Now my husband is out in the rain trying to find a device to access his nirvana....but it's's so fleeting!

For a moment he held it in his hands. It wasn't anywhere wasn't on top of the a mountain or in a cave or at a holy shrine. It was right there in the mailbox.

Yes, I believe in signs.....however fleeting they are!


  1. Nirvana is in the palm of your hand, Katherin! Love this cute, meaningful tale!

  2. love it!! That is a GREAT story on so many levels! so funny.

  3. Just brilliant! What a wonderful story!

  4. Hmm... maybe the sub-lesson here is "Goverment agencies will take your Nirvana away"!!!!

  5. Widow Lady,Sharni and Quixotic-Thanks for reading! it's been a funny day!! I needed a little humor!

    Quixotic-That is so funny and perhaps true on some levels!

    You get nirvana in the mail and the United States Postal service comes to your door to take it away...

  6. I'm not sure why I'm like this, and considering the contents of most days mail is exactly as you first described, but I get excited about getting mail. For some reason I am always expectant that something wonderful will come in the mail. Maybe it's Nirvana I'm seeking!


  7. LOVED this story, Kathy!

    Thank you (& your husband!) for the smile and chuckle!