Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Where have you been? Shedding my skin....

"RECEIVING" by Francene Hart
Where have you been? Oh, that's right. I'm the author of this blog. It's been awhile. Truth be told, I'm in a very strange transition period in my life.

I have this strong desire to shed everything I own, burn papers in a big pile in the backyard, give my clothes to Goodwill, sell my car and hit the road.

Right now that does not seem too feasible. I have bills to pay, I have a job and I've created a life here. But this urge keeps tugging at me...keeps calling me...keeps telling me there's somewhere else I need to be.

I did hit the road for awhile actually. I took off for 10 days on a road trip with my husband to Northern California. We just got back last Saturday. My main purpose was that I wanted to be in the Mt. Shasta area for summer solstice because I'm working on a series of books and part of the first book takes place in that area. I'll have to tell you more about that later.

So what would you do if you had all the money in the world or it was not an issue stopping you from doing the things you want to do? Really, tell me....is there something you'd like to get rid of, let go of, do or be?

Here's what I'd do:

I'd move to the Big Island...a place that has been calling me for a long time. A place I've only visited twice. I would live or be close to a community of healers, seekers, yogis, shamans. I would write, work on my books, study healing arts, teach intuitive writing, practice yoga everyday, meditate, eat fresh fruits and veggies and live off of very little. I don't know if I'd live there forever, but at least until I was called to live somewhere else.

While I was in Mt. Shasta researching my next book, I met a conscious intuitive. My husband and I met her standing at the base of Mt. Shasta dressed in white. She seemed like any other person, but somehow she summoned us to come to an event the next day for summer solstice. I can't explain here all that went on at that event, but I will say there was magic. Things happened that defied the laws of nature and made me question logic itself.

Long before I visited Mt. Shasta, I had a dream I was standing in a circle of woman in a clearing somewhere on the Hawaiian Islands. The stars and moon were all above us. There was a wise woman leading the group and the rest of us were a mix of seekers, healers, yogis, and intuits.

That exact group of people from my dream were in a circle in that room near Mt. Shasta. There were about 30 people at the summer solstice event, but five or six of us, all drawn to the Hawaiian Islands, happened to sit together, yet we did not know each other. One woman who sat next to me felt like a sister. She'd left everything behind to live on the Big Island. The two women behind me had lived on Kauai and were feeling called to return, but did not know why.

I could just call this a coincidence, but I'm starting to listen more deeply to these events, signs, dreams, symbols, urgings and callings. I find that when I do things that don't suit me anymore, life does not feel quite right.

None of the urgings or callings make any sense to me, yet I feel so drawn to take this leap. There would be lots to figure out before I do it. I would have to leave my comfort zone...I don't know how I'd survive there. Basically I'm afraid of giving up what I know and have here.

So that's why I haven't been here in awhile. I'm just trying to take this all in. I think I'm in a gathering stage.

I've been working on a series of books...very different from my last one. These books are works of fiction, but will be based on my real travels to sacred places on the planet.

So what to do with all of this? How will it all unfold?

I do not know, but I'm listening and I'm ready. I can't force anything, I know that. I will know when the time is right...

Have you ever felt a strong urge or call to move in a certain direction or let go of something?