Saturday, March 20, 2010

365 Lessons-Lesson 79: The Shit Hits the Fan When You Least Expect it to

Just when things seem to be floating along like a soft breeze, the shit finds a way of hitting the fan. It's not that bad really, it's not that good either. And I know it is what it is. It's Saturday night and I'm alone. My dear husband and I did not see eye to eye today. Things surfaced and I'd like to smooth it over like frosting on a cake, but you know, life isn't always a bed of roses and I know that shit hits the fan sometimes. I love him so dearly, but we are both have such strong characters and are moving so fast in what seems like two different directions in our passions. As different as they are, they also seem to run parallel to each other. This is a picture of us in Dhammagiri in India after sitting in silent meditation for 15 days with hundreds of people from all over the world. I felt on top of the world with my husband here, after our long course of meditation. We didn't see each other for the entire 15 days because we were in our own meditation cells and in different sections of the facility.

He is my hero, my teacher, my biggest supporter and my best friend. He inspires me more than anyone on the planet. I am in awe of the things he does. Everything I am doing in life is because he has been cheering me on telling me that I can do it. I am inspired when I am with him and I feel like anything is possible. So what's the problem?

So much energy is going out in the directions of our own purposes on the planet. I believe I am in that groove and so is he. But I think, in our endeavors for the greater good, we sometimes forget about each other and our need to nurture our own relationship.

I know it is just a passing thing. Things bubble up sometimes and it is good that they do. It makes me see that attention needs to be given to this beautiful being who is now back from wherever he went and is sitting on the sofa quietly.

It's funny, when shit hits the fan these days, it does so in a very quiet and respectful way. I think I'll go hug my husband now.