Thursday, September 26, 2013

365 Inspirations—269: Taking Care of Business—Doing Left Brain Stuff

I'm paying bills and figuring out my expenses and creating some sort of budget. I don't like doing these things, but they are necessary. I just finished my teaching week and I feel like I need to get organized and get a grip on things.

The teaching week went well. I teach ESL from Monday to Wednesday. I teach almost full-time on those three days, so they are long nights for me. I chose this schedule because I want to have Thursday-Sunday to write and focus on other projects that are in the works.

My house is in a state of disarray and I feel like I want to open all the drawers and cupboards and organize everything down to my underwear drawer. I will start with the upstairs, but dare I attack the basement?

It will get done this fall. It's my goal to work on my organizational skills at home and school over this fall season. I'm a big picture person, so I tend to overlook the small things that are now screaming for attention—like dusting, throwing old things away, etc.

Fortunately my husband mowed the yard and really cleaned things up, so the outside of our house looks great. The inside is not bad either as long as you don't open any drawers or closets. That's where you will find disorganization lurking.

I'm the kind of person that likes to sit down and organize everything in one foul swoop, but I know organization is a practice and it takes patience and time.

Off I go to clean the kitchen.

Stay tuned.

Do you like to organize and take care of business around the house and office, or do you procrastinate and do things at the last minute?

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