Sunday, September 22, 2013

365 Inspirations—265: A Visit to Soul Ease Spa in Kirkland, WA

Last Valentine's Day, my husband gave me a spa gift certificate to Soul Ease spa in Kirkland, WA and I just used it today. When I told people this, they said, "Are you kidding? I would have been there the very next day!"

The thing is, I generally feel pretty good and don't have too many aches and pains, so I don't feel like I really must go to the spa. I do always enjoy my time at any spa once I'm there and I absolutely LOVE hot springs!

So after our adventurous trip to Peru and hikes over mountain passes taller than the tallest mountain in my state, I decided to treat my feet and face to some soul easing.

It was blustery and raining elephants when I left the house for the spa. I had to make it over the bridge to the Eastside. Whitecaps were forming out on the lake and I could barely see two inches in front of me. It wasn't the most relaxing journey to the spa.

But when I stepped inside Soul Ease, things changed.

 A lovely woman at the front desk greeted me with a smile and got me a cup of green tea with mint. I filled out a few forms and then I was guided to a room in the back passing beautiful art and scented candles on the way. I was given a hanger for my clothes and a robe, towel and slippers for the infared sauna I'd be lounging in for 30 minutes before my foot detox.

I brought my tea in, but there was a cup of cool water waiting for me in the spa as well as other towels and magazines.

After 30 minutes, my foot detox therapist knocked on the door and led me to another room. She fetched me water and got me situated. I was now in the robe and slippers. She checked my body to find out my ph balance, and it turned out that I was a bit on the acidic end of things. I was at 6 and ideally I needed to be at 7.5 or so.

She put my feet in the detox machine full of salt water and after about 30 minutes the water turned dark brown. This was an indication that toxins were coming out of my body, most likely metals and other polluntants. I felt really alert and relaxed after the foot detox and she massaged my feet with cream and geranium oil. My ph after the foot massage was closer to a 7, so that was good!

I was then led to another room where a lovely therapist gave me an hour-long facial. She filled me in on all sorts of interesting facts and info I did not know and a few home remedies for the face. She then put me under a big heated blanket with my feet elevated and went to work on my face. The soothing music, low lights, aroma therapy and soft touch made me almost fall asleep. I received a face, neck shoulder and scalp massage as well and she moisturized and applied a face mask to my face. It was so lovely.

I don't know why I waited so long! My husband used to be a yoga teacher at Soul Ease, so I knew the foot detox was good because I had the opportunity to try it one time.

I feel alert, yet calm. I feel a huge weight has been lifted and I feel balanced again.

Do you ever treat yourself to massages or spa therapies?


  1. I treat myself to a massage once a month - I believe that they are an integral part of staying healthy.

  2. Mostly just a visit to a hot springs pool, its been a long time. This post has made me think that I need to get a foot detox or a massage or something.

  3. Hi Katherine, Thank you for taking us through your journey at Soul Ease Spa. I am glad you had a chance to use your gift certificate and get a little R&R for yourself. Sorry I didn't get to see you on your visit but it sounds like you had a large pH shift so that was a good detox purge and your skin looks like it is glowing! Thank you for taking the time to share your experience; and I hope others that read your blog remember how it important it is to take some time for them. Tell Yoon I said hello and I am happy to have fb to keep me posted what the two of you have been up to. It sounds amazing! In good health, Michelle