Wednesday, September 25, 2013

365 Inspirations—268: My Favorite Season—Fall is Here!

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."—Albert Camus

Some people can't wait for the warm weather of summer to hit or the merry days of the winter season with snow, holidays and skiing. While I enjoy the other seasons, fall is my FAVORITE.

I was born on October 28th—three days before Halloween. As a child, my memories of this season are quite vivid. My father told the story of how I came home as a newborn baby on Halloween and how he had to chase some kids away outside because they were making too much noise.

Ghosts, devils, vampires, fairies, clowns, skeletons, pumpkins and other characters used to show up at my house for a combined birthday/halloween party when I was a kid. Up until my 40th birthday, I still enjoyed throwing Halloween costume parties at my house. I even had a few live bands in my living room.

I had my writing group over to my house last Friday and one of the members asked why I don't have my Halloween parties anymore. I thought, Well, maybe I'm too old for them?

Instead of Halloween parties, I've been choosing to go away for my Halloween/birthday weekend to a scenic, relaxing place like a hot spring or country town. Last year we went to Breitenbush Hotspring in Oregon.

But maybe I should bring the Halloween parties back. They don't have to be huge, just a fun gathering with friends.

I saw pumpkins in the grocery store the other day. It seems a bit early, but I was happy to see them. I take a scenic road to work that has a canopy of maple trees overhead. I noticed a tinge of change in the leaves colors. I can't wait to watch them change on my way to work. I am no longer wearing short sleeves and sandals. Instead, I actually need a jacket! Warm soups and hot teas are sounding like a better choice right now.

Fall started officially last Sunday and don't forget to turn your clocks back on November 3rd—you still have some time.

Happy fall everyone!

Do you like fall season? What is your favorite season?

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