Friday, September 13, 2013

365 Inspirations--256: Taquile Island, Lake Titicaca

After spending the night on Amantani Island, we headed over to Taquile Island on Lake Titicaca and walked the entire circumference of the top of the island.

We passed women in traditional clothing weaving with breathtaking views below, we passed villagers wearing colorful hats, sheep, chickens, flowers of brilliant colors, and children running and playing games in the cobblestone streets.

We are now on the boat again on a three hour journey back to Puno. I can't believe we will be leaving this country tomorrow. Our time here has been unbelievable. My first visit to Peru was hard due to my budget, the weather and sickness. This time it feels like Peru is giving me a big, warm hug. The sun is high and so are we--high on the beauty of this place.

I feel tremendously blessed for my experiences here almost 20 years later. Tonight we head to the mountains closer to Cusco and tomorrow we make our long journey home to Seattle. More soon....

Have you ever been to a place that was unforgettable and left a deep impression on you?

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