Saturday, September 14, 2013

365 Inspirations—257: Goodbye Peru

Last night, after a brief stop for dinner in a run-down town, we made it back to Cusco (a seven hour drive from Puno), checked into a hotel, took hot showers, repacked and then hit the hay.

We woke up this morning feeling refreshed and met two of our friends for breakfast which consisted of homemade bread, scrambled eggs, strong Peruvian coffee and juice.

We then met our friend and driver Isa at the chocolate museum and said our goodbyes to him after sipping chocolate tea.

Finally, we made our way down the cobblestone streets to the Temple of the Sun and wandered around. At 1pm, we enjoyed a three-course lunch and then planted ourselves on a bench in the main square with two of our friends and contemplated our amazing time in this country. We then said our goodbyes to them too as they will return to Seattle a day after us.

Now we are high up above the mountains in an airplane headed for Lima. We have a six-hour layover in Lima and then we board an all night flight to Los Angeles and then on to Seattle.

We won't arrive in Seattle until mid-day tomorrow.

I am now reflecting with Yoon on our time and I will not forget it.

Do you often feel excited to return home at the end of a trip, or do you wish you could stay longer?

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