Thursday, September 5, 2013

365 Inspirations--248: A Day of Rest in a Peruvian Home

Today I woke up with traveller's diarrhea. It was my biggest fear about coming back to Peru! And here's my fear sitting with me today. In my 20s, I did not eat well while traveling overseas and as a result, became very ill and even ended up in a Thai hospital while traveling through India.

The others went to Cusco for the day and I have this huge house and garden all to myself. This house we rented in Urubamba  in Sacred Valley is one of the best parts of our trip! It's walled in and has fruit trees and lots of flowers and you can see mountains all around and a million stars!

The living room and dining room are huge and there's a lovely kitchen where we cook together or the caretaker cooks with us. In about 10 minutes, I'm going to the market with the caretaker to buy ingredients to make Saltado de Carne. I may even help to prepare the meal.

Later tonight a Peruvian band is coming to the house to play for us.....

More soon.

Have you ever gotten sick while traveling?


  1. I got sick while traveling on a family vacation once (stomach flu and it definitely put a hindrance on things :)

  2. I had one really heavy day of... menstrual difficulties while in Kilkenny over the summer. It was embarrassing. But whatever!

  3. Beautiful moment caught on film. Yoon looks so composed.