Monday, May 20, 2013

365 Inspirations—140: It's in the Air, It's Everywhere

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose."—Dr. Seuss

 If you ever decide to write on any single topic every single day,—be it love, stress, money, or say, INSPIRATION—soon you will find that THAT very thing is EVERYWHERE. It's amazing. It really works.

I'm seeing inspiration all around me.

I see it in the air, I see it everywhere. (Doesn't that sound like the start of a really awesome Dr. Seuss Book?)

Here's a spontaneous, Dr. Seuss-inspired poem for you:

Inspiration is all around,
It's in the air,
It's in my green eggs with ham,
It's even in a clam,
I can find it on the street,
And in the faces of the people I meet,
I found it in my fortune cookie,
I am not an inspiration rookie.

I got this fortune in my cookie at a Taiwanese restaurant yesterday!

Okay, okay, take it easy. It's 11:32PM and I just finished a long night of teaching. I am quite impressed with this little poem I came up with on the fly so late on a weeknight.

But really, it's true. I do in fact find it everywhere these days. I hear about someone or read about something and say, "That is inspirational!"

Or I may be gazing up at the stars or clouds in awe and think, "Look at THAT!"

Or I may even be doing something that is normally quite boring, but I will suddenly see it in a new light. I'll suddenly see possibilities where before there was just the same old, same old.

Situations that would usually seem stressful now have me humming a tune.

I don't even mind the fast-approaching, sure-to-be rainy month of June. (Okay, had to throw that one in there for kicks!)

How about you? What's your inspiration TODAY? I'd love to hear it (Or a Dr. Suess-inspired poem!)


  1. My inspiration today is seeing people pull together through tragedy...all the inspiring stories out of Oklahoma :-)

    1. I think it is very important to see the positive in these kind of things, otherwise it's easy to get bogged down in the negative and that doesn't help anyone. Glad you are providing that perspective on your blog!

  2. Inspiration can set you free
    Only if you listen to thee
    Have a ball and go with it
    Inspiration is the way to be

    Love this blog post
    Yes I do
    Inspired me try my hand
    So inspired yes I am


    1. I like it, yes I do!
      Now we have not just one poem, but TWO!


  3. Love Dr. Seuss. I just recently came across some Dr. Seuss fabric that is really cute. Oh, the places you will go!

  4. Not bad at all
    Here at your hall
    As Seuss lit a fire
    And he did inspire
    Me it is this and that
    But mostly the cat haha

    1. So glad to have the rhyming master here,
      I'm on a roll and I can't steer clear
      Of this rhyming business
      Have you seen Pat Hatt's blog?
      If you like rhyming, you don't want to miss it!