Monday, May 6, 2013

365 Inspirations—126: Struggle

"Opportunity follows struggle. It follows effort. It follows hard work. It doesn't come before."—Shelby Steele 

 Can struggle be an inspiration? Can I learn anything from it? I think so. I'm struggling right now with something and I can't go into details. I'm at the end of something.

End of my rope, perhaps.

I'll get through it, but I don't want to struggle through it anymore.

I want to let go.

I will let go.

Struggle is my inspiration because it is struggle that brings us to that new level of awareness. Afterall, we are really just struggling with ourselves.

The signs are there that things will change.

Today I met a friend for coffee. I only met her once before. The first time was after she read my book and then recognized me on a walking path and said, "Are you Katherine Jenkins?"

I met that person in a coffee shop today for the second time. She had just quit her job and has no plans of what to do next, but she felt this strong pull to completely let go, despite all her fears about it.

Basically, she jumped.

And she met me for coffee after she jumped.

Perhaps I'm the first person she's talked to in-depth since she jumped.

And then a friend called out of the blue....

Something about synchronicity...about the fact that we all are here for a reason...that we all have a purpose. We had talked about it last weekend and the very same subject showed up in her life two more times in one week! She called me to tell me that. She called to tell me that it was important.

And then, in a DAZE driving home from a 5-hour late-night teaching stint tonight, I saw a sign that read:

Your New Home is Closer Than You Think....

I have no idea what that means. Isn't home where the heart is? If it's a new home, does that mean I've had a change of heart?

Not sure what is going on friends, but I'm not much of a struggler. I'd just as soon let go, but I'm facing some fears right now. I don't know how it's going to all work out, but these friends that showed up in my life today assured me that sometimes you have to leave the "how" out of it. You have to ask different questions. Here's my question for you:

Have you ever let go of something despite all your fears of what would happen to you? 


  1. How is she doing after the jump? Has her fear abated yet? Or is it still there? Just curious.

    1. I think she's still feels scared, but she's happy about the jump! It was the right time for her....

  2. Once again it is eerie how your posting echoes something within my own life. I'm on the edge of a transition and am struggling with letting go of trying to figure out all the details and wanting to KNOW how it all will unfold.

    And I'm trying to not spiral into the drama of struggle and simply follow what I'm sensing is right.

    1. I want to follow what I'm sensing too, but it's not easy with all these other voices in my head! I think we are all connected on some level...perhaps we are all going through this in our way. Good luck on your transition Laurie!

  3. Three years ago I quit my job as an administrative assistant at the University of VA to do music full time. I stayed doing that job 14 years ! I stayed for the benefits and insurance and etc. . In the last 3 yrs I worked alone in a windowless storage room ( they made that my office ) and I hated my job . I finally decided i would rather be happy doing what I love day to day than saving my retirement fund or working for the benefits. Now I go to the free clinic in town and I love my work! No two weeks are the same as I work in many different places. Sometimes when I have a big performance or presentation I get scared and think -- that is also why I stayed at the office - so I would not have to face these fears. But thee is no turning back now! I am happy I made that choice!

    1. Thank you for sharing your story Blue. It is so very helpful to me!

  4. Yes, a few times in my life I let go of the little security I had because life become unbearable, I jumped big time - into unknown, into potential doom - and it was always for the better. I always jumped into much happier life. I think that universe rewards courage and trust.
    Someone said: Jump and the net will appear.

    1. Thanks for your words. I really appreciate you sharing this here!