Tuesday, May 21, 2013

365 Inspirations—141: Do you have the time to rhyme?

"History doesn't repeat itself—at best it sometimes rhymes."—Mark Twain 

 I'm on a rhyming streak and I can't seem to stop! Do you know that there is a guy who ONLY rhymes on his blog.  His name is Pat Hatt and he blogs here. Check him out and try your hand at a rhyme.

Dr. Seuss inspired my poem yesterday, but it reminded me of this guy too, so I had to pay him a visit.

Now this blogger has got me hooked. It's kind of fun to read his blog and the comments. Sometimes  all you really want at the end of the day is something light and fun.

There are so many different kinds of bloggers and writers out there. So many different kinds of people too. Discovering new people and blogs is one of the best things about blogging.

With that,
I'll let you go check out Pat Hatt,
I'm sure he'll make you smile,
And visit for a while,
He's very welcoming on his page,
And he cares very little about your age....

Tonight I will end my rhyming session,
Cause I've got other things to post that are worth a mention.
But one small request before I go:

Would you take the time to write a rhyme?


  1. Thanks for the shout to little old me
    Cause the kitty glee
    And age doesn't matter at all
    Around my hall
    As many come and many go
    But a daily rhyme is sure to show

    1. I hope to visit your pad again,
      Your posts and the comments made me grin.
      I promised I wouldn't write a ryhme today,
      But I am realizing that sometimes it's important to PLAY!
      Thanks again for the all fun,
      I'll be back, but for now....I've gotta run!

  2. Thanks for invite
    To see how Pat writes
    Love the rhyming
    All the time

    Glad you wrote a rhyme today
    Making time to play
    Fun should be done every day
    So don't say nay!

    1. Your rhyme made my day,
      I'm glad you decided to play!