Thursday, May 9, 2013

365 Inspirations—129: Celebrating TEN YEARS

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”—Lao Tzu

Internet is spotty here, so these posts may be short! I had to type this post on my iPhone! Not easy!

Yoon and I ran away for our 10th year wedding anniversary...

Here are some photos that may give you an idea of where we are! Can you guess? Don't tell if you already know!

Are you married? Where did you spend your last anniversary?


  1. Got to be vegas! Happy 10th!

    1. Thanks...YES! You guessed it. We are at the Stratosphere and we came here because we REALLY want to see Cirque du Soleil's "O". It is the masterpiece of Cirque du Soleil shows and I can't wait!

  2. Happy, Happy Anniversary.

  3. I think that is great you and Yoon went off to a spontaneous vacation to celebrate your 10th anniversary! I enjoy reading about your travels and life together. You are lucky to have each other! Happy 10th

  4. Happy anniversary! I've heard O is awesome. Seif and I had our wedding dinner at the top of the world restaurant at the stratosphere. Beautiful at sunset. Check it out! Happy you guys made it to Vegas. Have fun!