Sunday, June 9, 2013

365 Inspirations—160: A Weekend Wedding in the Countryside

Flower bouquets we arranged for wedding!
“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”—Maya Angelou 

I was gone all weekend for a wedding out in Washington State's beautiful Methow Valley. Even though it's the busiest time of the quarter at school AND I had to pre-schedule a few blog posts, I was not about to miss this beautiful union of two dear friends.

While the ceremony out in a lush green field with beautiful surrounding hills was definitely the highlight, there were so many other wonderful things about the weekend.

Sometimes I think it's very easy to get caught up in our own little worlds and forget that there is a much bigger world out there. I'm grateful for the fact that my friends invited me to leave my little world behind and take part in something very beautiful.

To get to the venue, we had to drive through the Cascade Mountains. It was breathtaking. Every twist and turn in the road offered more phenomenal views.

With each mile we drove, I felt the stress of my busy life in Seattle melting away. I was meant to be at this weekend wedding and I was meant to leave my computer, technology and everything work related behind.

When we got to the venue where we'd be spending the weekend, I already felt instantly rejuvenated. We arrived just in time for the rehearsal dinner and caught up with good friends. Later that evening, I spent time in a wood-burning cedar sauna and, after a nice warm shower, enjoyed a starlit walk to my room. I've never seen so many stars!

The next morning, we ate breakfast and headed to the fields. Several of us were in charge of arranging flower bouquets for the wedding. We went out to our friend's property and picked three huge buckets full of yarrow. Then, we delivered the flowers to another house where we assembled them into beautiful bouquets of flowers which were gathered from various friends' and neighbors' houses. After a brief flower arranging lesson, we got to work.

 It was such a memorable experience and one I will truly treasure. What a joy to see so many people coming together to help out in this beautiful country wedding.

I wish my two friends a beautiful life out on the farm. They've now got me contemplating the country life. They made me see how beautiful it is to participate and be part of a community. I'll never forget the weekend. It was so full of joy and love!

Have you ever participated in a wedding or community event that was memorable?


  1. How beautiful - and all coming together to share the flowers and arrange them - brilliant...

  2. I attended a rural outdoor wedding once and it was quite memorable and seemed like something out of a movie. Unfortunately the couple only lasted a month!

  3. Beautiful - so wonderful to meet you!!
    Love all around - indeed!!!!