Tuesday, June 4, 2013

365 Inspirations—155: Setting Free the Fly

"I couldn't kill a fly."—Vera Miles, actress in Psycho

For two days straight a fly has been buzzing around my writing room. He/she refused to venture into any other room. As soon as I was deeply engrossed in writing, this fly (I called him Buzz), would start screaming for attention.

Buzz liked to make circles around my head and then swoop down and land directly in the center of my computer screen. I cursed Buzz, told him to simmer down (which he actually did for a short time) and then I even found myself sweet talking Buzz.

I'd say, "As soon as I finish this paragraph, I'll set you free."

And then I'd forget and move on to other things with Buzz still buzzing around.

I'd ignore Buzz for awhile, like a mother does a screaming kid in a restaurant. I'd pretend Buzz didn't exist. I'd let Buzz become white noise in the background.

But Buzz certainly wasn't a soothing waterfall or waves calming lapping at the shore.

Buzz was on FIRE!

Buzz wanted my attention and was not going to let up.

One day later, Buzz was back. As soon as I placed my hands on the keyboard, Buzz sat on my shoulder looking down at the computer screen as if to say, "Hey! What are you working on today!? Remember you said you'd set me free? Did you forget your promise?"

I don't like to forget promises. I'll admit I'm not the most organized person and I usually have to write everything down, even promises I've made to people. But come on, this is a fly.

"Okay, okay!" I mumbled as I directed the fly to the bathroom and shut the door.

"Settle down. I got it. I'm going to set you free," I found myself saying.

Buzz would not settle down. He circled the tiny bathroom about 50 times before landing on the window. I acted quickly with a flower vase and a napkin and caught the little guy.

I opened the front door and was blinded by the sun. Other flies and bees were buzzing about.

"See ya Buzz," I said as I released him out into the front yard where he could finally mingle with his own kind.

In a strange way, I think Buzz set me free. Instead of continuing to curse this insect trapped in my strange house, I finally paid attention to it.

I'm paying attention. I get it.

Has anything in your life, annoying or otherwise, caused you to pay attention?

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  1. Yes - sometimes little annoying problems are like this...little annoyances until I finally pay attention and solve the problem :)