Tuesday, December 17, 2013

365 Inspirations—351: Make It Count

Make each moment of your life count. I've spent plenty of my life daydreaming and waiting for things to happen, but those aren't the times I will remember at the end of my life.

The times that I'll remember are the times I was fully present in whatever I was doing AND the times I chose to enjoy the process.

It's the times when I became a participant in life and made the moment count—not the times where I settled, fell into old habits, and did things I really didn't want to do.

Life is made up of moments and how those moments play out in our lives depends on our choices. 

We actually get to select the movie of our lives. We are selecting it every single day.

So I am selecting things that I enjoy and things that make me happy. I am choosing to live a life of positivity, kindness, generosity, happiness, curiosity and adventure.

I choose to be a peaceful person and to offer inspiration to myself and others.

Whatever path I choose to walk on now will affect my life later. 

I've decided to make each moment count. 

How about you? Are you waiting for something better or are you making each moment count right now?

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