Thursday, December 12, 2013

365 Inspirations—346: Decking the Halls

Yoon with a Christmas tree he chose last year
"Perhaps the best Yuletide decoration is being wreathed in smiles."—Author Unknown

The other day I was driving to work and I got in the holiday spirit...just like that! I hadn't been in it AT ALL. I was Scrooge through and through. I just wanted all the cheeriness to pass for some reason. The holidays can sometimes bring out depression or moodiness in people. It can be a reminder of things we have lost or people who are no longer with us.

But it can also be a time to reflect on what we have and the good in our lives.

Usually when I drive down the main drag during the holidays, everyone is in a major rush to get somewhere and the drive is not enjoyable.

I decided to steer off the main drag and take a neighborhood route to work. I turned on 106.9FM which plays continuous Christmas music and 'Deck the Halls' came on. For some reason I began to sing along to the song in my car and a flood of memories came back.

It was dark out, because I teach in the evening, so I got to see all holidays lights on the neighborhood houses. Instead of a stressful drive to work, mine was cheery and I had an opportunity to reminisce about all the joy this time of year can bring if I just let be as it is.

I got to work in a very good mood.

My husband somehow caught this spirit too. He didn't grow up with Christmas. He's a former Korean Buddhist monk, but today he strung lights all around the inside of our house and put colored lights around our fence. He also put the wreath on the door. It's getting quite festive.

His birthday is the day after Christmas, so it's sort of anti-climatic and most people aren't really in the mood for a birthday party the day after Christmas. He's decided to have a party before Christmas. His party is going to be a Hawaiian-themed holiday party. It should be interesting.

What ever you believe, or don't believe, I think it's good sometimes to just 'deck the halls'. Bring in that cheer and that light and that love. Let it in.

All the lights around our house light up my heart. Winter can be so dark and gray here this time of year. I think lights and decorations and songs and getting together with friends and family can help bring cheer into our lives.

Do you like to 'deck the halls' this time of year, or do you usually not participate in the holiday festivities?

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