Sunday, April 28, 2013

365 Inspirations—118: Go For It!

"I don't tend to question things that much. If it feels right, I go for it."— Sarah McLachlan 

For the past 5 hours, I've been filling out an application form and updating my resume for that "birth of an idea" that you all are probably still wondering about. From my collage yestersday, you all know it includes Hawaii and entails whales, swimming, fruit and, well, Machu Picchu, a yoga trip my husband will lead in September, is thrown into the picture too! For some reason I also included an astronaut, Spiderman and the moon in my collage...well, sky's the limit (and maybe sky is not even the limit!)

I know it's not all making sense yet, but it will!

I had quizzes to grade, the house to clean and lesson plans to create (not to mention blog posts I've promised to several people that I haven't had a chance to write yet), but I felt a strong pull to get the ball rolling on something that has been on my mind for quite some time! I'm going for it!

I will tell you more about my "project" as the pieces start to come together.

In the meantime, I needed some juice to keep my momentum up and was happy to receive this very kind comment on my book review page today. I'm delighted that this "anonymous" person took the time to tell me these words because they made my day! Here they are:

"I want to thank you for the beautiful book you have written. I just so happened to stumble upon it at my local library, and what a joy it has been to hear your journey and the truths you discovered along the way. Thank you for writing this book and being such an inspiration for so many. As a fiercely independent lady who is learning that sometimes it is okay to let go and trust that life will truly work itself out, your words could not have come in to my life at a better time. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!"

And today I found out that Lessons from the Monk I Married made Top Travel Literature Titles of 2012 as reviewed by Lonely Planet Travel Guides!

 Here's the link to that:

 So I'm feeling ready to step out there again. I'm feeling ready to write another book. It's bubbling wants to come out! I don't know everything yet. I'm stepping out into the unknown, but I really can't wait!

 Have you ever just said to yourself, "Go for it!" and stepped out of your comfort zone into the unknown?

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  1. Congrats on your current book's achievement and for stepping once again into the unknown with ideas for a new one!