Tuesday, January 1, 2013

365 Inspirations—One: Cirque Du Soleil Performers

"I never found anything that I would leave the circus to do...Like I never said, 'Oh, I want to be a veterinarian.'"—Alan J. Silva (Cirque du Soleil Performer)

My first inspiration for the new year has to be the Cirque du Soleil performers. Have you ever seen a Cirque du Soleil show? I saw my first show (The Beatles LOVE) on December 26, 2012 (my husband's 40th birthday) in Las Vegas.

I guess I didn't have many expectations. It's just a "refined"version of the circus, right? WRONG. These people train their entire lives and put on the most amazing and inspirational shows I have ever seen. The things the human body can do are unbelievable and they are only believable if you have the opportunity to watch a show.

I love the quote above because it shows that this performer has found his calling. He loves what he is doing and don't we all want to find that completely?

"When the audience [first] sees me, they never expect I will fly through the air," said Silva. Not just fly through the air, but fly through the air with only a few silk sheets holding him up!

Alan J. Silva was one of the many performers I saw that blew me away. He performed in the very provocative Cirque du Soleil show called Zumanity that plays at New York, New York hotel in Las Vegas. We also saw The Beatles LOVE show at the Mirage that was equally impressive.

After watching these two shows, my husband and I have decided that we'd like to return to Las Vegas in May for our 10th wedding anniversary. We'd really like to see "O" and "KA" next.

My husband is a yoga teacher at Yoon's Yoga Bliss in the Seattle area, so these performers really impressed him. I am a regular yoga student at Yoon's Yoga Bliss, but after seeing these performances, I'd like to practice yoga more (at least 2-3 times per week) and try an acrobatics class or an acro-yoga class at some point. I dream of flying through the air....

Keeping my body in good shape through regular exercise is one of my resolutions this year.  Seeing all the Cirque du Soleil performers perform really made me realize what an incredible gift our bodies are. We were given a body, we should treat it well!

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