Friday, November 22, 2013

365 Inspirations—326: Seeing the World from a Different Perspective

“What we see depends mainly on what we look for.”—John Lubbock

Have you ever looked at the world upside down? The other night I was lying on my back on the living room floor before a yoga class (my husband now teaches yoga classes in our living room) and I was looking at our geometrically shaped dining room light.

From a standing view the light looks like a light, but from a prone position, this light looked like luminous orb suspended in mid-air.

Walking around Greenlake, I started to look at everything in a different light and it changed my perspective completely.

I wonder how many people spend their days doing much of the same thing? I know I do.

 Do you drive the same way to work? Do you listen to the same radio station? Do you tend to eat the same things for lunch or dinner? Do you talk, call and text the same people? Do you ever step out of your 'box' and look at the world in a different light?

I've been getting up earlier and walking around Greenlake alone because my husband has yoga classes at our house in the mornings and the morning classes are currently full. I'm not normally up so early walking, but I've found it to be quite an invigorating start to my day.

Today I met a friend for lunch and then we went to a coffee in the same complex. It was nice catching up with her. Then, my husband came and met me at the coffee shop and we went to see the beautiful movie called 'About Time.'

It's the story of a family (well just the men in the family) who are able to travel back in time. They can only travel back to a time in which they have lived and they can't go back any further than the birth of someone in the family or the story will change.

The movie poses some very interesting questions. For example: If you could go back in time, what would you change?

In the end, the son tries to live each day and then live it again more slowly so that he can appreciate the moments one more time. After his father dies, he realizes that he doesn't need to go back in time to live each moment. He just needs to live each moment fully as it comes.

There are certain things he tries to go back and change, but later learns that some things happen for a reason and there are lessons to be learned from those things, even though they are unpleasant at the time or cause pain.

Lately I've been feeling a lot of gratitude for my life and the things I'm led to each day. I think that gratitude multiplies and makes room for even more gratitude to enter. Even on bad days, I try to find a kernel of good. Writing inspirations this year has helped me with that.

I'm paying attention to details, seeing life with a new perspective, and I'm grateful for every moment I have. I'm also learning to venture out of my comfort zone to experience things that are new and different. These things help me grow.

Have you recently spent any time looking at the world from a different perspective?

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