Monday, August 26, 2013

365 Inspirations—238: Chaos

The chaos of items for my trip, dirty laundry and other random things....
"You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star."—Friedrich Nietzsche

I know that many people don't find chaos to be inspirational, but out of chaos comes clarity.

 I'm in that in-between time. I just finished a quarter at school and I'm about to go on a big trip. I have lots to do before the trip, but didn't feel like doing much today. I allowed myself to "just be" in a disorganized state. I didn't tackle much on my list because I needed a day with 'nothing but whatever calls you' to be on the agenda.

I only left the house once to go to the pharmacy. Other than that, I was home ALL day doing little odds and ends, but nothing of great importance.

I go through phases like this. I think they are healthy phases. If we are always going full throttle, we never get to see where we are. Who knows? We may be going full throttle in a direction that is not right for us.

As a writer, I've learned that there is always a 'gathering time' as I like to call it. A time when I collect little bits of information or jot down ideas. I make lists and goals. I've got lots of them.

After gathering, I start putting foundations under the ideas that take seed. Some ideas fizzle away, but others come to full fruition. There is a time of focus when I run all the way with an idea or dream.

So today I'm okay with the chaos because I know this is just a phase. Tomorrow I have a feeling I'll start to pull the pieces together and get ready for my trip.

The photo above is what the chaos looks like from where I sit. Not too bad.....

Do you ever go through disorganized or chaotic phases in your life? Do you see these as a positive thing?

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  1. Certainly, I do go through disorganized periods. I think I'm in a disorganized era or epoch. Yes, that might characterize my life here in Puerto Rico?! I see the chaos as valuable. I notice my ability to concentrate, accept and move in a positive direction improving.

    I love to see all the activity in your life, Katherine. Have fun on your "big trip"and may it be meaningful spiritually uplifting adventure.