Sunday, August 18, 2013

365 Inspirations—230: A iPad mini from a Vending Machine

"Change is inevitable—except from a vending machine."—Robert C. Gallagher

I've bought gum, soda, chocolate and even a coffee or tea from a vending machine, but a computer?


Until TODAY! Actually my husband bought it. He wanted an iPad mini, but wanted to buy it at Macy's on his card. They don't really have an Electronics Department, but they have an Electronics Vending Machine!

We must be on an Apple kick, because just yesterday we saw the movie Jobs (see post here) and today my husband bought a new Apple Computer.

It was the weirdest thing to watch. He swipped his card and selected his purchase on the vending machine and just like a package of gum or candy bar, a mechanical arm or lever moved his iPad over and it slid down where he could retrieve it from a door flap and just like that he had a new computer.

No sales person, so hassle, no lines, no nothing.

Just insert money, get computer, receipt and go.

I'm not sure how often these things get used. Probably not as much as a candy or soda machine. After all, how often do people really need to stop by the vending machine on the way to the bathroom to pick up an iPad?

But you just never know? Maybe this is the new wave of the future!

What would you like to see in vending machines?

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  1. Wow that's the most unique thing I've ever heard of coming from a vending machine!?