Monday, March 25, 2013

365 Inspirations—84: Black Sand Beach Yoga and Swimming with Spinner Dolphins

"The happiness of the bee and the dolphin is to exist. For man it is to know that and to wonder at it."—Jacques Yves Cousteau

Today, our last full day on the island, we headed off to a black sand beach that is a popular place for swimming with spinner dolphins. Most of the people were local there so it had a very laid back feel.

When we arrived, we put our stuff down on the beach and rested a bit and then did a bit of yoga on the beach with our group. It seemed like the locals had the same idea. It was 8:00AM and lots of people were down on the beach doing yoga.

I decided to grab a water noodle and go for a swim. While I was out there, everyone was pointing to my right and then right before my eyes a spinner dolphin emerged out of the water and put on a show for me. Soon many people were in the water.

There must have been dozens of dolphins out there in pods. People grabbed snorkeling gear and swam with them under the water.

My husband Yoon floated by on a noodle and he had a mask and snorkel on. He let me put it on and I put my face down under the water and saw dozens of them swimming right under my legs! I have never seen dolphins under the water and to see so many of them at once right up close was amazing!

Above the water, the dolphins continued to put on a show. They jumped, back flipped, spun around, and flapped their tales. It was great fun and I felt really close to them.

I love being so immersed with nature here in Kapoho. This is not the tourist side, so it feels really wild. It 's been so wonderful to be so close to whales and dolphins and really feel the energy of that experience.

I will definitely be back!

When was a time you felt very close to nature? How did it feel?


  1. That's amazing! I would love to experience being so close to dolphins! How wonderful that you experienced that. I feel really close to nature when I'm down by the river, close enough to it that all I can hear is the sound of the water moving along. Also, when I look up at the night sky at the stars. It makes me feel small and yet connected.

  2. You've had some amazing experiences in seems like it's your 'heart' place! I've spent a lot of time out in Nature and find her to be the best teacher of this wisdom: control is an illusion. I need to be reminded of that frequently!

  3. I regularly go hiking at a place called "The Pinnacles" in Berea, KY. It's a good way for me to get away from it all and get lost amidst the sights and sounds of Mother Nature. There's nothing quite like it :)