Friday, March 1, 2013

365 Inspirations—60: Signs

"The question is not what you look at, but what you see."—Henry David Thoreau

I believe in signs. I always have. They are everywhere if we tune in.

Recently I've been thinking of trying out somewhere new to live. For a while, I thought I might like to live in Sedona, but I think I'd miss the ocean too much.

My husband and I went out for sushi today for lunch. I started talking about our upcoming yoga retreat in Hawaii. We'll be in Hilo, Hawaii this month with a group of students. I'm looking forward to experiencing a new place and seeing how I feel there.

Somehow, we both started talking about creating a retreat center in Hawaii and we agreed that it would be the perfect place for what we have in mind. We talked about how we think we might like Hilo with it's interesting climate,  landscape and volcanoes, but we'll have to see when we get there.

Just then, on the sushi conveyer belt, a sushi plate labeled "Volcano Roll" passed by right in front of us. This was odd because it was the first time to see it in this sushi shop where we are regular customers.

We both looked at each other and said simultaneously, "Volcano Roll."

We walked outside and considered seeing a movie at the theater across the street. Nothing looked interesting, and we turned and left. We saw a movie poster that caught our eye and returned to the reader board to look at the movie times. No one was in line, but the woman selling tickets was talking to a male friend using the microphone from inside the ticket box.

Just then, clear as a bell, the man said, "So you are spontaneously moving to Hawaii?"

The woman selling tickets smiled and said, through the microphone, "Yes, I am."

My husband and I just stood there. We completely forgot about the movie or seeing a movie or looking at the reader board.

We left the ticket booth and wandered through the mall lost in thoughts about Hawaii.

Maybe it's just a pipe dream, but every great venture starts this way.

I believe in signs. I believe that we create our lives and we often notice what we need to.

Do you believe in signs? Have they ever led you to something new in your life?


  1. Katherine - I am a huge believer in signs yes. I believe in fate, serendipity, and destinty. I always interpret certain happenings as signs of something bigger :)

    Love the Henry David Thoreau quote. Your blog never fails to make me think my friend.


  2. Oh yes girl, I believe in signs. I think that they are there for everyone, but not everyone sees them or pays attention to them. Connecting to the higher power can change both our vision and our life, but you have to be open to it.

    Great Post!


  3. I don't believe in signs, but I have so much awe for those who do; those who have enough faith to follow them. I'm obsessive about planning, control, and facts, and it's that obsessive nature that gets me into trouble. I hope someday I can achieve a stillness and contentedness that surpasses all worry and fear. Good luck on this venture and dream.