Friday, March 22, 2013

365 Inspirations—80: The Big Island

"Hawaii is not a state of mind, but a state of grace."—Paul Theroux

This evening we all walked down the street, through a tree tunnel and out onto pumice rocks and geo thermal pools with the roaring ocean in the distance. We sat down on the hot rocks and meditated in the moonlight. Suddenly I felt the entire moon fill me up. There was a circle around the moon, like a big aura and the stars were so clear.

We are out here in the middle of the ocean on The Big Island of Hawaii. Everything is lava rock in Kona, but Hilo is bursting with life—a rebirth if you will. Everything is humming and buzzing and growing. I feel like we are nestled in a great big jungle. Our house is like a tree house and life is pulsating here. The sights and sounds are overwhelming and heavenly all at the same time.

We've forgotten what day it is, what time it is, what month it is...we've forgotten about plans. We follow the flow. This place does something to you. Makes you stop and breathe and rest and tune in.

The Big Island is calling me. It's telling me to stay for a while. It's telling me it has some stories to share. And I want to listen...........

Is there a place that calls to you?


  1. This is like the third time we've blogged about something similar on the same day :) we are true blogging twins. My hometown of Maysville, KY calls to me. I love it every time I visit there!

  2. How wonderful to be in a place where you can just "follow the flow." I love your description of meditating in the moonlight. I hope you hear many stories while you're on the big island.

    Right now the place that is calling me is Hawaii! The photos make it look so inviting. :-) The western U.S. is also calling me--places like Wyoming and Montana.

  3. Sounds so centering. I miss the ocean. At times I can hear it call me.

  4. Hawaii! We are going to Kauai in a week and I can't wait! It's such a beautiful, spiritual place. Enjoy it Katherine!!!