Sunday, March 10, 2013

365 Inspirations—69: Still Blogging

"You simply have to put one foot in front of the other and keep going. Put blinders on and plow right ahead."—George Lucas

 I guess my inspiration today is that I made it here at 11:11pm. It's been a challenge. It's the end of the quarter and I have over 60+ tests to grade. I can't wrap my head around all that I have to do in about ONE WEEK before I leave for Hawaii for a yoga retreat with my husband. More about that later.

So my inspiration today is that I'm here. I'm still blogging. That is inspiration enough.

I'd like to say that I have something amazing and phenomenal for you to read about today. I'd like to say that I was able to read all of your blogs and comment on them. The truth is, coming here tonight with one hour left in the day is about as inspirational as it is going to get. The fact that somehow I'm still blogging and have made it 69 days is remarkable in itself.

I'm still here and blogging, that IS the inspiration.

My hands are pressing keys right now. I'm typing and words are coming out. I'm writing, I'm blogging....I'm doing it.

The thing is, life isn't always phenomenal and amazing—or even that inspiring at times. Still, I try to find something that inspires me each day, even if it seems small.

I am going to try to take it moment by moment and I will get through this week. I will keep going and I will keep blogging here through it all!

Thanks for reading and commenting and please bear with me. This is what life is all about. It's about keeping at it, even through the tough, busy times. It's about sticking with things, even when you feel you are on the brink of throwing in the towel and running off somewhere never to be heard from again.

I'm still here. That's all I can say tonight.

Thanks for sticking with me friends!

Have you ever felt like throwing in the towel on something you've been doing because it just seems too hard? How did you keep going?


  1. I once thought about throwing in the towel when I was in college - but now that I became the first in my family to get a degree I am very very glad that I didn't give up :)

  2. Good for you for putting one foot in front of the other and keeping on. Grading papers is not easy, I know, and can be quite time consuming, so I feel for you. Just do one thing at a time, and remember to breathe!

  3. There was a time in my life where it was so hard I wanted to never wake up again. A recovered alcoholic sat me down and told me two things: one; your can live your life in ten minute chunks if that's all you can cope with and two; courage isn't always about going into battle. Sometimes its as simple as finding the strength to get out of bed and face the day. Thankfully that was a long time ago and things are much better but I never forgot that.

  4. Don't stop! Keep at it! You can do it! Remember you did it when you were writing your book?! Your reward for slogging through the next few days is....Hawaii! We'll be with you there in spirit :)