Thursday, October 22, 2009

Peace on Earth-A Question for YOU!

I am an English as a Second Language teacher in Washington State. In my class, I have students from around the world. They come from different countries, religions, customs, traditions, and backgrounds. I feel so lucky to spend time with the world in my class. Somehow, when we come together each day, we are able to see beyond our differences. Our differences make us unique, but I have found, in my class, that we are more alike than you think. All of us strive to meet our basic human needs of food, water, shelter, safety, etc. Beyond that, most people feel love, peace, happiness, and care for the planet and the things on it are important. This morning I realized that 31 countries have visited my blog. Here they are in order of the number of visitors from each country:

USA, India, Australia, Canada, South Korea, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Austria, Turkey, Israel, Brazil, Italy, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Latvia, Estonia, Mongolia, Kiribati, Taiwan, Philippines, Kenya, Thailand, France, South Africa, Egypt, and Singapore.

Peace, in my mind, means living in harmony with each other and with this earth we live on. By achieving peace, we may have to go beyond boundaries of race, religion, politics, countries, etc.

How are YOU, as a citizen of this world, helping to achieve peace on earth?

This may seem like a very BIG question, but the answer may be quite simple. It may be as simple as how you choose to live on a daily basis.

I'd like to share some of your answers in a blog post. So please leave a comment at the end of this post. Don't be afraid to leave a comment. Your comment may be helpful to many people.


  1. Nice thought provoking post Katherine. 31 Countries visiting your blog is very inspiring. Now... how am I helping to bring peace on earth???
    By being aware of my emotional state when I can - ie - instead of rushing to anger and flying off the handle like I once did, I now take a deep breath and try and see things from a more rounded perspective and therefore creating more peace, in my home at least.
    I try and listen to my intuition instead of my head, when possible. I am doing a writing meditation course which is helping me get in touch with this 'peaceful' side.
    Changing the world begins at home does it not? I have become a lot more aware of behaving in a peaceful manner since becoming a parent - very aware of my son learning from me - so hopefully will spread this peaceful way of being to him too....?

  2. I think it all starts in the morning, with the first thought I have and with the first action I take as I help my kids get up in the morning and kiss my husband good bye. It continues each day throughout the days with little actions that may not seem like much to me to do or take much effort for someone else to do, but can mean the difference of feeling loved or feeling helpless for that moment or that day. It's the moments like these where an old man, a stranger, starts playing peekaboo with my kids to help me calm my baby's temper in a packed grocery store. It's the sweet surprise of a tattooed, seriously pierced, dark hooded 19 something who nods his head and changes his frown to a wink because I hold the door for him as he walks through the doorway of a store. I guess that's how I see world peace. That and a big bar of Toblerone chocolate.

  3. Sharni, that's beautiful. Yes, I think it does start at home and being aware and taking a breath...all of these are so important for both you, your son, your family and everyone else!

    Lena, The little things are so important. Your generosity and care for friends makes people feel so loved. You said, "Something that doesn't take much effort to do can make the difference of someone feeling loved or helpless". That is so true!

    Peace to you both and thanks for reading!!!!!!

  4. just saw an article that may be of interest to your topic


  5. Thanks Sharni! Perhaps I can add a bit of that into the next blog! I feel we are so close, but we've never met and are on different parts of this spinning globe. Love your work, Kathy

  6. You've got me thinking about this one, Katherine! As you know, I live in Israel as a Christian, so talking about bringing peace in this part of the like talking about fish that can is something almost imposible to achieve. .. I am not going to give here a lecture on history, for us to go and search for the root of the problem, because it would, without doubt, raise strong opinions...I think I am to small for such a big issue, and the small acts of kindness I do each day...I feel they are some insiginifanct grains in a big desert. I do hope people will be able to come up with a solution to this region's I am sorry to say that...not in a position to make it happen...
    Gotta go, I have to take Maya from the kindergarten, but I'll be back!
    Love you and your blog

  7. Hi Alone in Holy Land-Yes, it does seem so big...perhaps impossible to solve...but I do believe you are doing SOOOOOOOOO much by just doing what you do everyday...writing an amazing blog, taking good care of your lovely daughter and family, and even pondering the question that seems too big. The small things you do every day are not insignificant grains of sand in the desert, they are what makes the desert. So much peace to you Alone in Holy Land! Kathy

  8. Hi i am a friend of Yoon's ,he came to my place in Idhao.I like your blog,Maybe check out The SUn and Happy Birthday soon! peace connie

  9. Thanks Connie and I appreciate the birthday wishes!

  10. Katherine, I find odd synchronicity in your question, "How are you as a citizen of this world, helping to achieve peace of earth?".
    On my author's page, I relate a story of when I was in Paris and met a homeless man, tell me about his love for a beautiful naked form in the courtyard of the Louvre.

    In the story I describe myself as a citizen of the world.

    I have always had that mindset. Partially I think it is that mindset that opens a person to tolerance and peace. The lack of expectation that people should be like you is self determined. To excise people from your realm of existence is impossible to progress and go forward as life is a huge lesson...a growth one.

    So, what I am doing as a citizen of this world? It starts with the realization that within my span of control it comes down to me. A continuous work in progress, to learn to love, to learn to be selfless, and to minimize material needs. The friendships you form are far to valuable to trade for anything as temporary as money or fame. Success at any cost, is really a pathway to failure and other assorted calamities.

    I would rather touch one life in a genuine way than to have millions love an image or an icon...or to be the unapproachable type of writer that is wrapped up in the ego. I could not be a writer if people were afraid to talk to me.

    I used to run from that approachability because it does take a lot of energy. However, I quickly realized that no matter where in the world I went, it felt like I was sought out. Language did not matter, race, gender, age...none of it did.

    When you have a cannot hide it. Use it to enhance all of those around you. For each path is an incredible story, with differing beliefs, feelings, shades of perceived morality, and all you have to do listen. Listen like Siddhartha to the sounds around you...that speak to you...because there are incredible lessons that may not be just for you, but for others as well.

    Always a pleasure to visit your blog Katherine.

  11. "because there are incredible lessons that may not be just for you, but for others as well." Yes, Marilyn...I'm finding that the lessons I'm learning are universal lessons. Thanks for sharing your story about the homeless man and the statue. I look forward to reading it. It sounds beautiful.
    "I would rather touch one life in a genuine way than to have millions love an image or an icon". Yes, I think this is how we achieve peace in the moment at a time with wherever we are. In that process of touching people one at a time, we may become an image or an icon, but if we have wisdom, we will not be affected by that or get caught up in that. Hopefully, we will continue to do as we always have....use every moment as a moment to offer peace, love, understanding and happiness to ourselves and the world. I feel it starts with what we give ourselves. If we can love ourselves and allow ourselves to live in peace, understanding and happiness, this in itself will affect everyone and everything around us. Thanks for your beautiful blog and all your wonderful observations there. And thanks so much for sharing your thoughts here.

    Peace to you,

  12. It would be great if you would guest blog on my well. Off to see the opera Carmen tomorrow at the Daegu Opera House. If you get a free me.

    Many smiles from across the miles.


  13. I'd love to guest blog on your blog. Just let me know how we can go about that!


    Have fun at the opera!

  14. Send me an email through FB...and we can go from there about sometime in November. I would like you to write about an experience in Korea with the theme of gratitude. This will be an easy one for you...if you can also provide at least one image (of course credited ;) ) this would be wonderful.