Saturday, October 3, 2009

Blogs I Follow

Hello everyone-the time is long overdue to share some amazing blogs with you. I'm particulary interested in blogs that describe interesting personal experience, talk about travel, spirituality or blogs that seek to promote positive change in the world. I love stories about people in search of their true selves...this seeking, questioning, wondering and observing and eventually finding is what I also hope to share in my blog. These are blogs I currently follow, but I am always seeking more blogs.

1. Chornicles of Sharnia
A story about an Australian woman who lived a city life in Australia and worked on a major newspaper there, moved to the countryside to help her father, fell in love with a farmer, went to Vietnam to teach English, found out she was pregnant, went back to the countryside with the farmer to raise her son. Sharni is always seeking and I love that! She recently interviewed me on her blog. You can check out the link here:

2. Wandering Photographer
An Irish photographer who wanders the countryside and camps out for days just to get a beautiful picture. He is also a seeker. He writes about his own observations and questions about life. He is the author of a beautiful photography book entitled Portrait of the Northern Ireland Coast.

3. Mes Joies et Chagrins
An Indian writer. We chatted recently. She is another observer and one of her recent posts talks of the poverty on the streets of India and her own questions of how and why she is so fortunate, while others are not. She prompted me to write my Incredible India diaries on my blog.

4. Woodstock Lily
While I have never talked personally to this amazing writer, I am inspired by her story. She was in a major car accident and still suffers from PTSD. After the car accident, her life changed drastically. She created a whole new persona, started a blog, did art and is working on a book called Six Days to Haight-Ashbury

5. Lotus Sutra Chronicles
O.K.-I love this blog because it's about Korea from an American English Teacher's perspective. I can relate to this and it brings me back to my time there. Often quite humorous!

6. Alone in Holy Land
This blog authors writes about her trials and tribulations of raising a young girl in Israel. She is also a seeker and an insightful observer of what is important in life.

7. Ruby Ramblings
A collections of books, places, pictures and stories. This blog author is also an English teacher in South Korea and has some interesting observations on living there.

Hope you enjoy these great blogs as much as I have. Peace to you all,


  1. Kathy,

    I'm so happy to see myself listed on the third place. OMG..I'm so happy. I feel so great now. Incredible India is just a beautiful piece that you've written. I'm waiting to see that book published. The one you told you are writing about your monk. Thank you thank you sooooooooo much..for writing good words about me and my blog.

    Peace and joy be with you forever.


  2. Dear Remya,
    You are welcome. May you always have peace and happiness in your life. You gave me inspiration to write about Incredible India. It holds a very special place in my heart.

    Much love,

  3. Dear Katherine,
    What a lovely, LOVELY, surprise to wake up to this morning! [huge, huge smile ripping my cheeks awake] I feel just like Remya--incredibly blessed, and happy. I'm honored to be mentioned as a blog that blesses you. God reveals Himself to us in other people, like you, and I believe blogging has opened up a whole new opportunity for personal/spiritual growth. This leads us to global growth. I'm excited to be living in such a time as this.

    Again, thank you for the huge smile on my face. I'll be wearing my sassy pants all day long...
    Peace and Love to you, and yours, Katherine~~
    Love, Lille

  4. Lillie,
    Glad you have a smile on your face and are wearing your 'sassy pants'!

    Lots of love,

  5. Hi Kathy,
    what I wonderful surprise!
    Thank you for reading my blog, thank you for following it and for mentioning it on your blog!
    Your posts are always a pleasure to read, but you already know that!

  6. Thanks Alone in Holy Land....I have also enjoyed reading your blog. You are a wonderful writer!

    Sending love your way,

  7. Katherine...thank you for mentioning my blog, as it is always a pleasure to read yours. Hopefully you and your husband had a great Chuseok! Greetings from Daegu, South Korea...

  8. Thanks your blog! It always brings me back to my time in Korea!!!