Saturday, September 12, 2009


Hello. Thanks for stopping by my blog. If you've just happened upon it, WELCOME!!!! Come and stay for awhile, get a drink...maybe a cup of tea.......... Most of my writing is about lessons I've learned while journeying through life with my husband, a former Korean Buddhist monk. While I mostly blog about my observations on life, there are three chapters on this blog from my upcoming book by the same title. The title is 'Lessons from the Monk I Married'. To all my fans and followers who have been reading and making comments on this blog, you don't know how much I appreciate it. It is so helpful to me! If you have just happened upon this blog, have browsed through it and like what you see, please follow it and make comments on posts that resonate with you. It is very helpful for me to know who is reading this and what you, the reader, think.

Peace to you all,

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  1. Hey Katherine, so nice to meet you. Thanks for the visit, comment, and follow. It will be a pleasure getting to know you. Sorry about your car, but like you say, we can't take these things with us. They are JUST things.

    Your book sounds great. I hope you get the proposal done so you can get it out there. Is it finished? I write primarily MG, but also YA and poetry too.

    Sounds like you have led a very exciting life. I look forward to hearing and READING more about it. Have a wonderful weekend. (try ot stay away from white poles!) :)