Thursday, April 10, 2014

Prescribing Love

Love just may be the best medicine
I had a profound experience at the doctor's the other day.

I recently stopped going to "regular" doctors. I was just another number at those places. Just a pile of flesh to probe and poke and stab and write up tests for. I was prescribed all kinds of things that were probably deadly. I was told there was nothing that really could be done. Unless, of course, I was dying.

So I sort of gave up hope.

I'm not dying. But I have had serious digestive troubles since traveling to dozens of countries in my youth, some cleanlier than others.

I picked up different bugs here and there along the way and it was all finally taking a toll on my system.

A few friends recommended Seattle Healing Arts.

"Oh, this is not like going to the DOCTOR'S office," a friend assured.

She explained how they had naturopathic doctors, Chinese medical doctors, massage, Ayurvedic doctors and even a few regular MDs sprinkled into the mix. She told me about how "un-clinical" the place was. There were beautiful paintings, buddhas and they played soothing meditation music while you waited.

I started seeing a doctor there and he's changed my entire view about "going to the doctor."

On our first session, he spent TWO entire hours with me. He let me speak and he listened.

He just listened.

Occasionally he'd ask me a few questions, but he was really very present with me.

I felt a very soft, gentle energy flowing from this doctor.

On my last visit, he had dozens of acupuncture needles stuck in me. Now you have to understand that I really dislike needles of any kind and hate to draw blood.

But I felt so at ease with this person and hardly noticed what was happening. We talked about life while he was giving me this treatment. I felt genuinely cared for.

After the acupuncture treatment I received, the pain in my stomach is now gone.

After being with this doctor for about two months, I've had a profound healing experience like none I've ever experience in a doctor's office before.

What was different?

It was love.

Genuine love and care about another human being.

Of course I believe that proper medicine, herbs, treatments and supplements all help, but all of this is nothing if you are just a number.

I finally feel like my body is really healing.

I'm not just a number anymore.

I'm a human who has been the recipient of the best medicine of all: love.

Have you ever been healed by the love of another person? 


  1. How good to hear you are experiencing healing.

  2. goodness me I would so love you to share this experience with Dr. Lissa Rankin..... I am so very happy for you.....

    1. Hi Wendy, I don't know if I know Dr. Lissa Rankin, but I'd love to share my experience at Seattle Healing Arts!

  3. I agree with you about being just a number. So glad you found the right place to care for you and most importantly listen to you. I hope you continue to experience healing.

    1. Thanks Karen, It's a long process...this healing thing, but I'm happy I'm finally in good hands!

  4. I'm so excited that things are getting better for you. Healing and wholeness. Wonderful. I still got to the MD type doctors. But I've got a habit; I interview the doctor before I decide to let him be part of my healing team. I've had a couple of good doctors. The last one was able to integrate complementary medicine in with traditional practice. The current one isn't quite that good, but I'm working on him. (These kids; hey, he's at least 10 younger than my son for Heaven's sake!)

    Blessings and Bear hugs, Katherine!

    1. HI Rob-bear,

      That's a GREAT idea! I really like the idea of interviewing doctors. I went on recommendations from friends and they were right!

  5. I've had a similar experience with my naturopath and his staff. They are very kind, caring, and willing to listen. It was a relief when I found them four years ago. They have gone above and beyond helping me. I'm glad you have finally found someone awesome to help you with healing.

    1. Glad you've found such a wonderful place to be cared for too. I think healing should be about the whole person, not just the disease.