Monday, July 22, 2013

365 Inspirations—203: The Color Purple

"Purple is sometimes associated with spirituality. This is because purple, or violet, is at the top of the color spectrum. Of the colors in the visible spectrum, it is the one that vibrates at the highest frequency."—

While my favorite color is blue, I seem to have a lot of purple around. I'm very attracted to this color and I like to wear purple. There is something very soothing about purple. It's a combination of hot red and cool blue which, together, creates the perfect balance.

I started looking around my house and taking notice of the purple all around me.

On my dresser I have a purple crystal that I got near Mt. Fuji and the purple mala (pictured above with the crystal) was a gift from a friend who traveled to sacred places in the Himalayas.

I wear the purple beads often.

In my car, I have a car charm, with a crystal and purple amethyst stones, that dangles from my rear-view mirror. I got this charm from East West Bookshop in Seattle.

This particular piece represents the third-eye chakra, according to the information that came with it. It is used to awaken psychic and intuitive abilities. It makes me feel very calm when I am driving and when the sun catches it in the right way, it casts small rainbow dots all over my car.

And I seem to have a lot of purple clothes for every season. I'm wearing this purple shirt today, but the picture was taken a few years ago. I wore these purple rhinestone earrings in my wedding in Washington State over 10 years ago.

And here's a winter outfit I like to wear. This vest is more of an orchid purple, which I also love.

I believe in color therapy. Some colors are just so soothing and can instantly trigger a certain mood or feeling. Purple is a spiritual color for me. It reminds me of all my inner qualities that I want to bring forth. I am an outgoing and social person, but there's a depth to me that I sometimes hide. Purple reminds me to shine and not be afraid of who I really am.

Is there a color that you are drawn to?


  1. I just discovered that purple has been with me since, at least, thirty years...I found old stuff in my girls room in Sweden.
    So I bought myself a red dress while I was there. Think I should change a little...just a little though.