Wednesday, July 3, 2013

365 Inspirations—184: Allergy-Free Zone

It almost came to this!
"Well, you potentially could plant a lower allergy garden, but while you’re out there planting it, you will be bombarded by oak pollen, maples, grasses."— Keith Phillips

All this hot and humid weather in Seattle has caused indoor allergies to sky rocket. Humidity is breeding ground for dust mites and other critters. We don't usually have warm enough weather for it to be a problem, but we have had unusually warm weather this week.

I don't really have allergies. I know that's not the norm, but somehow I was spared the allergy gene. Before my husband came to the USA, he also believed he was a man of no allergies.

But that all changed.

Perhaps it's because his environment and country changed. I don't really know.

It all crept up on him the second year or so that we lived here. We were center managers for a meditation center in Washington State and one of  his jobs was to ride the John Deere lawn mower around the enormous property and cut the grass.

A year or so after that, he was plagued with one of the worst cases of allergies I've ever seen. He sneezed constantly for months. I thought it must be his karma coming around for all the bugs he must have squashed while mowing the grass on the John Deere.

Outdoor pollen is on the decline here, but indoor allergens are at an all time high thanks to the weather.

I will say that it gave me the opportunity to clean our bedroom and create an allergy-free zone for my husband. That was the bonus to all of this.

The room now has very little in it. We have hardwood floors, and those are ideal for people with allergies. I swept and mopped the floor, cleaned the blinds and windows, took all books and other random things out of the room, bought allergy-free mattress and pillow covers and new summer sheets.

The room now feels fresh and airy. I'm hoping Yoon will be able to sleep soundly tonight for the first time in a long time. Now I'm inspired to clean and allergy-proof the rest of the house.

Do you suffer from allergies? What do you do to overcome them? 

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