Sunday, April 29, 2012

ON TOUR: Hello Seattle! Hello Elliott Bay Book Company!

It was so great to do a book gig at home in SEATTLE. I just had to say, "Hello SEATTLE! Are you ready to READ?!" Yoon and I do these book talks together. After all, he also has his own point of view of our story. People seem to like it. He starts each reading by playing a gong and doing a chant from his monk days and then I begin the reading. He adds his own commentary to whatever I read which makes for a very entertaining event! I've had such a good time at each one of these events, but this one was quite special.

My father flew in from Florida and my sister, brother-in-law, nephews, aunts, a cousin and an uncle were all there. Also, it was so nice to see so many of my co-workers from Edmonds Community College at the event as well as friends from high school, college and beyond. I also got to meet a friend who has been following this blog for several years. It's nice to meet blog followers/friends in 3D! I've been fortunate to meet quite a few!

There's something different about doing a gig in your hometown. All the events have been well attended and joyful so far. But this event, particularly, had a lot of love and positivity. Perhaps that's because most of the people who were there have been part of my life journey.

Regardless of the location, however, I do believe there is an opening that happens when we all come together and share in a joyful manner. The energy that was created with all of these people seemed to expand out beyond place and time. That's what I felt yesterday and have been feeling all along my book tour.

I've been so much a part of the internet with my blog, book, etc. While I do think it's amazing how we can connect these days and I am so grateful to all the people I've had an opportunity to connect with here, it's nothing like meeting live.

I am grateful to every single person who came out last night for the event at Elliott Bay Book Company. We are working on plans for an east coast tour. Not sure how it will all pan out, but I'll keep you posted. The dates we are looking at are for the end of June. We hope to visit NYC, DC, New Jersey and Baltimore. If we get to those places, I'd love to see you!


  1. I can feel the excitement as I read this Katherine!
    you are here!!!

    love and light

  2. Thanks for reading Cat! It was an amazing event! Hope to see you on tour sometime!

  3. It's great that you're having fun at the readings! I tried to get your book before we went to Zion a few weeks ago, but Barnes and Noble didn't have it in stock, so I couldn't bring it with and take a pic at Zion. :-(. But that's ok, I still plan on getting it when it's released for the kindle.
    Anyway, congratulations and I'm looking forward to reading it!

  4. Hooray for the East Coast tour. I hope we get the chance to meet up when you're here :)

  5. Wow, Must have been a year ago we checked in here and now you have a book out! Congratulations!

  6. Hi Lori,

    Not all B and N's carry it, but they'll always order it. Yes, it's also out on Kindle now too! Hope you enjoy it!

  7. Hi Christa,

    I'd love to meet up on tour on the east coast! Still working out details, so nothing is confirmed yet! All the best and hope to see you!

  8. @Toemail! Thanks for checking back in and for the congrats! Nice to see you back here!

  9. This sounds all so wonderful, Katherine. I'm so happy for you. And that your and Yoon do it together seems so amazing, too.

    Is it legal to have so much fun, so often?

    Blessings and Bear hugs.

  10. I've been dropping by the memoir blogs and find this one to be quite interesting. Congrats on the book, and have fun touring!

  11. @Workin With What I've Got-Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the congrats! Nice to see you here!

  12. I love the way you have been publicizing your book specially meeting and connecting with people that surely goes a long way. I will definitely turn to you should I need any guidance in this area in future :)

  13. Thanks's the journey I'm currently on so I'm sharing it! All the best to you!