Tuesday, April 17, 2012

ON TOUR: From Powell's in Portland to Book Passage in Corte Madera, CA

We headed out on book tour last Thursday! It's been a whirlwind. I believe we were in three major cities in less than 48 hours: Seattle, Portland and San Francisco. Before taking off to Portland, my agent e-mailed me with great news! A foreign agent in London has agreed to take my book on, which means it will most likely be published in other countries and languages! (Who knows—maybe there will be a world tour later?! )

Anyway, after a very short flight to Portland, (35 minutes from Seattle) we picked up our rental car and checked into the hotel. Our first book gig was not until 7:30pm, so we relaxed in the pool/jacuzzi a bit at the hotel and then got ready for the evening festivities. We used the GPS on my new iPhone to get us to our first book event at Powell's Books on Hawthorne Street at 7:30pm. After a nice little dinner at Toney Bento, we headed to the event.

It was a great turn out. My husband brought along his gong to play before the reading started. The bookstore was much bigger than I expected. It was great seeing so many people at the event and some familiar faces. After the book reading/signing, we went out with two friends for Vietnamese food.

The next morning we woke up at 4:00AM because we had a flight to San Jose, CA at 6:10 in the morning. We don't quite remember how we dropped the rental car off and got to our gate, but we did and before we knew it, we were on our way to CA just as the sun was coming up!

My publicist picked us up in San Jose and drove us to Berkeley where Seal Press/Avalon Travel is located. She gave us a tour of the facility and then we went out to brunch.

She dropped us off at our hotel and we took a little rest and then we had to get ready for our next book gig at 7:00pm at Book Passage. We were so sleepy by this point and I said to my husband, "This is how bands feel when they go on tour." And we were only on our second gig! Well, third if you include the launch.

It was wonderful to run into a blog friend and several acquaintances and friends at Book Passage! It felt like a little reunion. You never know who will turn up at these events and often they are people you've been dying to meet, are meeting for the first time and/or friends you haven't seen in years!

We hung out the next day with friends in San Francisco and now we are in Santa Cruz at a good friend's house and are finally catching up on needed rest. Thanks to all of you who came out for events! It's always wonderful meeting people on tour! There will be more gigs coming up. Please check the sidebar for details! Our next big event will be at Elliott Bay Book Company in Seattle on April 28th and then we'll be at Village Books in Bellingham on May 18th. There may be a few more events tucked in here or there, so I'll be sure to keep you posted! Hope you are all enjoying the book! I love comments and always respond to them here. I'd love to know how you found out about the book and if you enjoyed it! Thanks and more soon from the tour!


  1. What an exciting time in your lives for you and Yoon. It was so nice for me and my wife Prosper to meet you and Yoon at the Book Passage event. Continued safe and rewarding travels to you both.

  2. Thanks Mike! It was so nice meeting you and your wife Prosper at the Book Passage too! All the best to you both!

  3. Katherine!!! So awesome
    does it feel like a dream?

    take it all in and enjoy these fruits of your labour

    love and light

    ps any plans to come up to Canada?

  4. Hi Cat! Where are you in Canada? I'd love to come to Vancouver since it's only a two hour drive from Seattle! I'll work on it! Yes, it's been like a dream....a very good dream! ^_^!

  5. I live in a suburb of Vancouver
    if you come
    I will be there!
    You may want to check out Banyan Books as a location
    it is one of our finer more introspective book stores

    enjoy the dream!

    love and light

  6. Sounds like you are having a busy, but rewarding time, Katherine. Congratulations on the international possibilities. I hope sales continue to be strong.

  7. Hi Rob! Yes, I've been busy but I'm finally home and relaxing a bit in Seattle! Thanks for the congrats! I love the possibility of the book being available in other languages and countries. Hopefully, since I now have a foreign agent, that will happen! Thank you again for all your support!

  8. Kathy
    Finished the book on the plane. Loved it...very moving. I couldn't be more proud. See you at the Elliot Bay reading tonight

    Love Dad