Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Countdown to Publication-Week 2: Publishers Weekly Calls Lessons from the Monk I Married "a gentle, earnest book."

I'm in Santa Barbara. Well, Goleta actually. I ran away on vacation. I needed some downtime from all the activity in my life. I also came to escape the thunder, lightening, hail, sleet, snow, clouds and rain we've been having in Washington. Plus, my parents are here and they extended the invitation. How could I refuse?

I'm trying to take in the moments while I am here, as I know very well that THIS moment is the most important one and the only one we ever really have. As much as I know that, it's easy to forget when there are 100 things going on.

I'm trying not to get too overly excited, but my very first book has shipped out to customers not only in North America, but worldwide! People in Australia, France, England, Spain and other countries have let me know that they've ordered the book. The book released several weeks early, so they'll be getting those books soon!

It feels like thousands of pieces of myself have just launched into the world and they are expanding out in all different directions. One part of me wants to hide under a rock and the other part of me wants to watch it all unfold.

I just received my first big book review from Publishers Weekly. I was scared to read the review. I think every writer has a bit of fear about how the world will perceive what they have written, especially if the writing is very personal.

But PW had very good things to say! They called Lessons from the Monk I Married "a gentle, earnest book" and my writing, according to PW, is "graceful and direct." You can read the entire review here:

I hope to see many of you on my book tour coming soon in April. See the side bar on this blog for details. Also, if you ordered the book, please send me photos of you with the book. I'm running a contest for the best photo. I haven't decided what the prize should be. Any ideas?

You can send the photos to my Facebook fan page. And if you get your copy of the book in the next few days, please let me know! And thank you so very much for following me on this journey, sharing this blog and my book with friends and for being here!

More soon,


  1. I'll be anxiously waiting for my Poste lady to slip your book into my mailbox!! In this era of gruesome details, horrific news stories, sensationalist journalism and media frenzy, I think to be known as a 'graceful and earnest' writer, who is 'gentle and direct' is the very highest of compliments. It will be fun to try out different locations to photograph your book!

  2. Evelyn-That was one of the most beautiful comments anyone has ever left me! Thank you and I await your photo from France!

  3. I got the book and am very frustrated that I can't read it a work, haha.

    One thing, though: I emailed you (sorry about that) one of my photo entries... I don't know how to upload a photo to the Facebook fan page. :-/

    Picking up at the section at the bowling alley during my lunch break,
    Kate :P

  4. Loved the photos you sent me Kate! They are great! It's so bizarre to get e-mails from people who are reading it now and/or have finished it! It's not even supposed to be born yet (April 3rd is the official pub. date!). Anyway, that's a good chapter! Enjoy it on your lunch break!

  5. Well done, Katherine!

    Pieces of you flying all over the place. Those are the books, that take a piece of you with them, wherever they go.

    I hope you get lots of pictures.

  6. Hi Rob-

    I know! Exciting and scary at the same time. Yes, I've gotten lots of pictures! It's been so amazing!

    All the best to you,