Wednesday, December 15, 2010

365 Lessons-Lesson 349: I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Friends, family, fellow bloggers, the end is near. I am coming in on the home stretch. After today, only fifteen posts out of an entire year remain. And, to be honest, I have no idea if I have it in me to write fifteen more posts. But, I think I can get by with a little help from my friends. Yes, I think I'm going to try with a little help from my friends....

Don't miss the chance to be part of Lessons from the Monk I Married. There have been plenty of blog posts here, but I'd like to open the door to you all. I've written enough about myself and what is going on in my life. How about your life? As we close in on a 2010, it's a great time to reflect on what we have learned this year. I've been reflecting for 349 days and today's lesson is that I couldn't have gotten by without YOU!

All of your comments, guest posts, letters and words of encouragement were really instrumental in keeping me going. Without you all, I think this blog would have faded away at around Lesson 10!

So, I thought, why not open the door to my readers? Why not see if there is a lesson YOU have learned this year. A lesson that has helped you and could possibly help others. I'm looking for inspiration here. I've given everything I've got and I feel a drought coming on.

So, here's the BIG question. Looking back on this year that is almost over WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED? Is there anything that stands out. Is there anything you'd like to share as we move into 2011? You can share what you have learned in the form of a comment here on this post which I will add to a list and a separate blog post later or I invite you to write a lesson, if you so desire, and send it to me so that I may post it as a lesson on this blog. This is your chance!

I only have 15 more posts left, so I can't promise everyone will have a chance to post a lesson here. I don't know what the response will be by opening the door up to you? I don't know if there will be a windfall of lessons in my e-mail box or just a few, but I want to give you all the opportunity and I'm interested to hear from you. So, if you are interested in writing a lesson on my blog you can let me know at Before you write the lesson, let me know what it is and that you are interested.

Thank you friends. I look forward to learning what lessons you've learned as I feel we can all learn from each other. Remember, you can also leave a comment about what you've learned this year in the comment section of this post if that is easier and I'll compile that all into a blog post. You may also want to scroll through the lessons I've already written. I cover almost every topic under our big bright sun, but everyone can add their own twist to a topic that was already written about.

Peace to all of you and I look forward to reading about what you have learned in 2010!


  1. My lesson for this year has been simple 'Learning to trust myself'

    The path I am on now is because of the faith and trust I have gifted myself. "I can do it" and will not hold anyone responsible when or if I fall.

    But will only Thank the many people who have stood by me.

  2. Hmm, what did I learn this year? This is such a good question, when reflecting on the year that was, and when looking forward to the year that is coming.

    This year I learned that worrying incessantly about something doesn't help in any way. My boyfriend was diagnosed with depression earlier this year, and it has been a hard year, for him, for me, and for our relationship. I learned that I'm stronger than I think I am, and that things like this can bring you closer in a relationship, especially if you already have a strong and stable relationship. I also started doing yoga, and found a way to de-stress AND re-charge, when things got overwhelming.

  3. I said: I write in the title of my blog: "love is the essential not violence nor hate".

  4. My lessons have been many, Letting go and surrendering to the universe and trusting my own faith in the process of letting go was a big one.

    Another I have also realized is I have to pay it forward. Which is where my all time favorite quote comes to mind? "When one of us grows we become another rung on the big cosmic ladder for another to climb and we plant seeds for the world to continue grow and flourish" ~ Deanne Fry

    The biggest lesson of all is our greatest suffering comes from some thing most people don't want to own is that "we are our own worst enemy." I wrote in a blog post that there comes a time in a victims suffering where we become our own abusers and often we are more cruel then the abuser at times, and when we do this we are staying in the power of the abuser and not taking back our own power.

    There are many blogs I follow where people are suffering and I can see so clearly now, that they have grown comfortable in the role of victim, they wear the label and for some reason don't want to let survival story they can't seem to let go of wearing the label. And define themselves by their label which will keep them stuck until they detach them selves form the role of the victim. The great thing about life is you can re-write it what ever way you want if you learn to surrender and trust. Continued....

  5. I have said this and written this many times. You are the one you are looking for and you must become your own best friend and take back your power and live in awareness. Once you take it back and take responsibility for your power and actions or reactions to events past, present or future you have a choice to stay in your power or give it away. childhood tragedies where you innocence was stolen is one thing but there comes a time as an adult where you must take it back form the abuser and stand in your own power and knowing It is all a choice. And once you know better you do better, at least that is how it is supposed to work , but I have found many that would rather wear the label and stay in the pity party which is why they can't get free of the chaos because you truly get back what you put out.

    Our life is a reflection of our inner thoughts and feelings and if you are walking around in poor me thoughts life will always deliver poor me experiences.

    We are beautiful, brilliant, magnificent creators of what we experience and it is as easy always looking for what makes you feel good in any moment, what resonates with you and makes you happy now and stay focused on that instead of the barrage of negative thinking and events we hear and see unfolding around us. There is something god to be found in everything if you stay in the mind set and look for the positive

    Collectively if we were to stay focused and always look for the good in situations and people we would change the world.

    In my research I have read that it only takes 11% of the population to meditate collectively, preferably at the same time with the same intention as a group to help shift our consciousness. We can send out a cosmic wave that will sweep over all of us and lift the consciousness of all people one meditation at a time and the more you do this the more shifts will be made. Science has proven this and I am surprised more people don't get together in groups around the world through this social networking media and make an attempt collectively to lift ourselves and all those we can, because we know better and should be doing what ever we can to lift those who are stuck or not even on the oath yet.

    I can keep writing because it has been the greatest year for me of healing, loving, understanding, forgiveness and some pretty profound Godly moments which is leading me to a new found freedom, so I say to the new year "Bring it, I am eager to meet you and greet you with love

    Thanks for letting me rant... LOL I have enjoyed all your posts, but more importantly I have enjoyed how you have become a part of my heart as have a few other blogger friends. I will miss the daily doses of Katherine Jenkins but know we have the book to look forward to. Whoop, Whoop!

    Love and light,

  6. You don't have to publish all those comments I was on a roll.Instead you inspired a post and i copy and pasted my comments to you with a link to your blog...thanks
    Love and light

  7. Hello Katherine,
    I started reading your blog in late Sept. I was so amazed to see you write everyday, putting nice pictures. Any activity, if you do for all 365 days, is so incredible. You have to juggle and struggle with time, put so much efforts when you feel sick or weak, and on top of it, be creative in your thoughts and write ups. I will not call you a survivor but I will call you "warrior". You need to have lot of mental strength and conviction to follow your commitment. Your blog showed me that strength, which we need all the way and everyday. I saw you had doubts about your blog, about true readers, and about it's usefulness, but
    I see how much you are giving us its your contribution. Your blog inspired me to write my stuff. I am not a "good writer" but I can be a writer, great or good or bad will come later. I started writing "10 Realizations" per week. I started in Oct and want to go on for a year.
    Writing opened up a new world for me. I realized, that I love to write, it's so meditative, now my view to look at surroundings,things, people, situations, events is different. I have started observing more, paying more attention. All this is because of you, A person I know and a person I don't know. this is a best way to see inter- connectedness. Thanks so very much.

  8. Yoga Savy-Trust yourself was a BIG lesson for me too this year!! Thank you for sharing and I wish you a wonderful year!

  9. Sara-Yes, I agree with you there. Worrying never changes a situation, it just adds more pain to something that is already difficult. How wonderful that you have come to realize that you are stronger than you know. This is a very important realization that will stay with you always. The hardest part is realizing this and you have! How wonderful! Here's wishing you a wonderful New Year!

  10. Pascal-Love is essential, not violence or hate...Amen to that. That is a beautiful lesson that we all need to remind ourselves again and again. I wish you a very Happy New Year! Thank you for following here!

  11. Deanne-Wow! So many big lessons this year! Wonderful..letting go and surrendering to the universe is a big one and trusting the process. This was a big one for me as well! And yes, another big lesson..suffering often comes from our selves and our reaction to a situation. What you say is true, we are often our own worst enemies! And finally, yes, I do believe we are creators of what we experience. This is sooo true. It's up to us how we react to any given situation. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful words here and I'm very happy I *met* you this year and we had a chance to correspond. Lots of love and light to you to, Katherine

  12. Gauri-What lovely words. Thank you so much for writing them. They really made my day! And I so pleased that you have learned that you also love to write and are keeping a daily practice of it. Yes, it takes, a lot of strength to keep something going for an entire year, but I've also come to realize that we are all stronger than we know. Much love and peace to you and good luck with your writing. I will visit your blog and check it out. Happy New Year!

  13. Dear Katherine,
    I forgot to mention the lessons I have learned this year.
    01 Something really expands inside you when you forgive.
    02 I have much more strength Than I think I have- This year I did couple of 30+ miler dayhikes and they showed me the power of my mind. Strength of mind is limitless, and how it takes control of our body.
    03 Insults, bad words, disagreements are gifts to learn about our ego, and hence to learn let go and grow our spirituality.
    04 Inter-connectedness
    05 People you love most will give you great pain. (Reflecting on my Mom's death)
    All these lessons are from direct experience and not from any book. this year was great as I started reflecting, writing, and made a habit of getting inspired.
    Thanks Katherine for asking us to share our thoughts. Will miss your 365 in a coming year. Have a wonderful holidays and a great new year.