Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Week Six-Lesson Six: Allow Yourself to Fully Procrastinate

Does procrastination=fear? I'm starting to think it must. Tell me what you think. For four days now I can't seem to do any work on my book. Yes, it is finished and that is SOMETHING. But there's editing to finish up, fine tuning to take care of and a deadline of MARCH 1ST to meet. Yikes!

I seem to be perfectly capable of doing everything BUT work on my book. I'm perfectly fine with house cleaning, shopping, visiting with friends, going to my day job, exercising, hiking, doodling, day dreaming, twittering, Facebooking, sleeping and eating.

What happened? Whenever I think of THE BOOK I want to run for the hills. Is this what happens to writers? It reminds me of the time I trained for a half-marathon. I was fine with all the "getting ready for the race" part, but fell apart right before the finish line and had to practically crawl over it.

Maybe I'm frozen with fear. Maybe it's a fear of what others will think of me when it finally hits the bookshelves. Or maybe it's the complete opposite.

Have I been celebrating too much and daydreaming of that day when it finally goes to print? Have I chosen to look at the bigger picture instead of focusing on what is happening right here, right now?

I have no idea. So what am I going to do?

I'm going to accept it. I've decided that I'm going to allow myself to FULLY PROCRASTINATE. I'll doodle and dilly dally until there's no more doodling and dilly dallying left in me.

Don't worry. I have a conscience and I'm not crazy. I will do what needs to be done. I'm just going to take my own sweet time and there's no fighting it. But I WILL keep my deadline because I always keep my promises and stick to my commitments, as you all know from reading my 365 blog posts for 2010.

So if you are procrastinating right now, don't berate yourself. It doesn't help the situation. Let yourself procrastinate FULLY. Enjoy it, accept it, live it, love it.

And then GET BACK TO WORK....

(I'm signing off now! Going to go have a nice hot cup of tea and bubble bath ^_^! he, he!)

NOTE: As long as you continue to move forward in a positive direction and do what needs to be done, nothing wrong with a little procrastination. However, if you are a chronic procrastinator and can't seem to do anything, there are plenty of resources online to help with that! Trust me, I procrastinated and read quite a bit of it ^_^!


  1. Timely post! I've been so overwhelmed lately that I decided to make this coming week a junk weekend. It's a reward for one of my goals, but it's also breathing space I need to have one weekend in which I give myself permission to get absolutely nothing productive done if I don't want to. Everything in moderation, even moderation!

  2. Thanks for reading Maya...and what you say is so true...sometimes we just need to give ourselves a break. Even a four day break! I know it's just a passing phase and I know I'll get it done and I've come to realize that perhaps procrastination is needed for our own sanity sometimes, however there is nothing on the worldwide web to indicate that it is a positive thing at times. Enjoy your lovely break!!!! Sounds like you really deserve it and need it! ^_^!

  3. Oh boy do I know what you mean! It's funny how I can accomplish everything else around me except the one thing I am suppose to accomplish. Would that be a silver lining to procrastination maybe? I just discovered your blog and am so looking forward to visiting regularly!

  4. MJ-Thanks for reading! Glad I'm not the only one out there!! ^_^! I Glad you will be a regular here..^_^! and so nice to *meet* you!

  5. Ah yes. Procrastination! An often overlooked and under used field of endeavor. But one I mastered many years ago. It's like letting your mind take a recess break. It only becomes detrimental when you let it rule all other priorities. Indulge it. Embrace it. Schedule it. Practice it. Then get back to class, ah.. er.. work!

  6. Thanks Kurt!!!! Those were the words I was looking for when I wrote this post! Yes...if we fight it, we just procrastinate more. I've now learned that it is okay in moderation! Now I'm going to get back to work ^_^!! Nice to see you here!

  7. I fully accept the notion that I (my mind as well as my body) work in cycles. So procrastination may be my mind rebelling, but it also may be that the cycle is renewing itself. At least, that's my rationale ...

    Best advice I ever had from a doctor (a western one, at that)was: when you don't feel good, take a rest first!

  8. Thanks for this, Katherine.

    I fully subscribe to the notion that the body and mind work in cycles. When I'm feeling down, I try to remember not to "shoot the second arrow" and berate myself. The cycle will swing. It's worked for me so far.

    The best advice I've ever gotten from a doctor was "If you don't feel good, lie down and take a rest." While important to look at the source of the discomfort, sometimes rest and pampering is all it takes to make the change work.

    Again, thanks for this, and your blog!

  9. Laurie...Thanks for ALL your comments on this post and the others as well. Yes, maybe our bodies are giving us other signals. Maybe it's not procrastination at all. I like the idea you mention of cycles. I think we all have them for sure...sometimes there's no stopping us and other times we just need to hang and do nothing. I really appreciate you comments!

  10. YOU CAN DO IT!

    You enjoy that procrastination. You procrastinate to the fullest, and bum around. Then the deadline will still be there, just a bit closer, and you'll fully write your heart out in an explosion of word vomit splendor and inspiration.

    Your book is going to rock, and you've been working hard. I have complete faith that you can finish it up in no time once you find that second wind. :)

  11. Thanks Kate! I needed that! Working on my second wind right this second! Going to try and get at least two hours of editing in. Hope the tour is going well! Thank you for your very kind words!

  12. Hi Katherine,
    I am glad to read the book is done except for a few tweaks...Enjoy the moment, as you said it will all come together in the end. Looking forward the day when it hits the shelf. I am debating on getting a Kindle because I love actual books and want it signed from you somewhere on a book tour. Hoping that will happen.
    Love and light,

  13. Hi Deanne....How are you??? Thank you for your words of happy to see you here! I'm also looking forward to the day when it hits the shelves because I feel like I've been working on it for an eternity ^_^! I'm not sure about the Kindle...I still love holding a real book in my hands...there's something about it, even though I know it doesn't save trees. Yes, I hope I meet you somewhere along the book tour...i don't know where I will be yet...still a mystery! Much love and light to you to and looking forward to hearing from you again soon!

  14. I am holding onto hope that the kindle or nook or any other device doesn't completely eliminate books. I love the smell, feel and the character they add to decor and of course you can't have the author sign your Kindle...LOL I will hold out as long as I can. Some books will just have to be in paper form for me and yours will be one of them. I sent you my email. Not sure if you got it through FB. I hope you will let me know when you are out and about promoting the book. March 1st is my Mom's Birthday and our wedding anniversary so I am happy to include your big accomplishment in our day. I will be thinking about your book going into it's official place for the beginning of great things to come!
    Love and light

  15. I don't think books could ever be completely eliminated..but who knows?? I think I have your email still on the msg. I'll let you know of any news. March 1st is certainly a great day to be born! ^_^! It is also the day I turn my book in and a year later it will be the day (or week?) when my book is available. Thank you Deanne for thinking wonderful thoughts for the book..I do the same for each person I *meet*...I wish you all the best in this world and it will be GREAT to meet you one day!