Friday, December 4, 2009


November was good to me. I started a new collaborative blog called Writers Rising which now has seven authors and 4 open invitations. I also received two blog awards. I am honored and I will pass these awards along as I know there are hundreds of other blogs out there who are worthy of these. The Best Blog award was given to me by Alone in Holyland. I'd like to give this award back to her, but she already received it. Be sure to check her blog out, she's great!
This is what she had to say about my blog, Lessons from the Monk I Married.

We're almost on countdown to Christmas so I think it is time to share with friends presents and awards...

Award goes to:

Her blog is an inspiration for me and her posts, well, sometimes they make me cry, sometimes they make me laugh and sometimes they make me feel better. Thank you Katherine, this is the least I can do in return for the light you shed on my humble path.

I also want to thank Artisan of the Human Spirit for awarding me another blog award in November:

I'd like to brighten the holiday season by giving two awards to some of my favorite blogs. For the Superior Scribbler Award, please check the website as there is a list you can add your blog to there.

Since some of my favorite blogs have already received these awards, I'm stretching out here. Here are my top five picks:

1. Chronicles of Sharnia-I love Sharni. She is an Australian gal who lives in a one-horse town with her child and cowboy husband. She used to be a cosmopolitan woman and can't entirely give that side up, hence her wonderful blog which keeps her connected. She is funny, witty, honest, and real. Check her out.

2. Ruby Ramblings-This woman is always dishing out comments on noteable books, blogs, articles, etc. , but she is a wonderful blogger herself. Much of her blog talks about her time in Asia and she is a great observer of all that is around her. If you are looking for a great book or good place to visit, she has all of this on her blog.

3. Lifeworks- More of a website, but I like this woman's view on life. You can read about how she gave everything up to live a simple life in Mexico. Very interesting stories, ideas, and thoughts on how to live a simple and fulfilling life on the planet and have the courage to do it.

4. 24 and so much more- A fellow writer of mine on Woman's World Magazine. She really is exactly what her blog title says. She is a seeker and is searching for answers to life. I like that. She also has helpful information on a variety of subjects on her blog.

5. Bliss Chick-I just started following this blog and I love her attitude and her posts. They are positive and uplifting and I appreciate that.

Thanks for writing such amazing blogs. I hope to read more. Any suggestions of more great blogs to follow???? I'm always looking! By the way, I follow so many great blogs, it was really hard to choose 5. I have many more I LOVE.

Please be sure to post both awards to your site! Peace to you all and happy holidays,
Katherine Jenkins