Saturday, January 7, 2012

31 Writers, 31 Lessons-Lesson 7: Get Uncomfortable

I found Christopher's popular blog Lessons from the Cockpit on Networked Blogs long ago. His title was so close to mine and I also found that even though our circumstances are different, we tend to blog on similar topics. I find his blog to be full of great lessons and insight and I highly recommend it. Christopher appeared here once before as part of my 365 lessons. He wrote Lesson 121: Find Your Mantra. Here he is again, please welcome Christopher Laney:

Fitness has been part of my life for a long time. I’ve worked out enough to have a little insight into building muscle. One absolute truth is, muscle doesn’t grow unless you apply resistance. And to apply resistance means making that muscle “uncomfortable.”

When I think about this in broader terms, I realize it applies to any accomplishment in life. I can’t think of any goal worth achieving that is performed without effort, or more specifically, without being “uncomfortable” in some manner. Yet, we seem to have become a nation that seeks comfort. We chase it instead of our dreams. We seek the path of least resistance instead of the path to enlightenment.

And it’s making us soft... mentally, physically, and spiritually.

For many of us, our days are filled with numerous activities that get us nowhere. We do them because they make us feel comfortable. They suck us in. Who hasn’t misplaced an hour or two getting lost in the internet or a few television shows? But we don’t seek out these activities because we truly desire them. No, we bury ourselves in them because we are avoiding something. Some may say we are avoiding our dreams, or success, but frankly, what we are really avoiding is the hard work, time, and effort that it takes to be:




What are you avoiding because you’ve been confusing comfort with happiness?

Do something today that makes you uncomfortable.

Christopher Laney is a writer/pilot/fitness instructor who seeks to wring the most out of life and loves sharing what he’s learned with others. He’s owned and grown two separate multi-million dollar businesses and is an in-demand speaker. Author of the blog, Lessons from the Cockpit: Everyday Wisdom from the Flying Life, Christopher also writes for magazines and recently completed a novel about discovering life’s hidden clues that show us who we are meant to be.


  1. Today is the day I had slated to get my writing work transferred to a new program-Scrivner. But, I was already playing with avoidance, tasks that seemed more suited to a Saturday. And, you've just kicked me out of my comfort zone! Thank you! thank you!

  2. This was incredibly inspiring, thank you! I just found your blog and am reading some of these guest speakers. After a lifetime of drifting and I am finally learning about setting goals and creating the life I dream about. I need all the help I can get, and blogs like this really inspire me. Thank you!

  3. Nice post, that is definitely something to think about!

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone! glad you found this blog too ^_^! Lots of inspiration here and many inspiring writers this month!

  5. Christopher-

    I so love this post. It's really what I need to here RIGHT NOW! It's time to get uncomfortable and start chiseling away at those dreams! All the best to you my friend!

  6. Thanks, Katherine, for including me, and I'm glad the message was timely. :) I've also enjoyed reading everyone else's posts.

    Here's to your book being a great success!

  7. Perfect post to catapult me into 2012. We all need a good jump start occasionally. Thank you Katherine and Christopher!

  8. This is such a timely post for me, as well. After a productive day, my mind started to wander and the justification for why maybe I didn't need to continue working on today's tasks started creeping in. You know I was looking for something comfortable! It is, after all, Saturday. And people need breaks, right? Um, yea... similar excuses can be had on a random Tuesday, just as easily. Fortunately for me, the first "not on the list distraction" was your blog post, which I'd been saving for later. :) Thanks Chris. Your timing often amazes me. And thank you, too, for reminding me of this blog! Congrats on your new book, Katherine! Looking forward to reading more here, soon. Now I think I have to go make myself uncomfortable for a while...

  9. Thanks for reading Veronica! Yes, I completely agree. I'm going to catapult into some uncomfortable tasks right now! Woo-Hoo!

  10. Melody-So glad you took time out from your "uncomfortable" tasks to read this blog post that you were saving for later. Glad the timing was perfect. I'm with you, off I go to "get uncomfortable," but boy was it helpful to read this first! Thanks for the congrats on the book and happy to see you here!